Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 10.35PM Sun 25 November 2012

Meet Annie Rose and her mum Suzanne who, over morning coffee, lunch and evening cocoa, give their unique and somewhat bizarre views on everything from David Walliams to dog handbags.

Then there's Ronnie. She's a real-life delinquent Gran, who makes Catherine Tate's Nan look like Mother Teresa. (Wait until you hear about what she'd like to do to Simon Cowell.)

Drew and Wicksey are always in the pub, dreaming up how to make a million, and their latest scheme is set to be a real banker.

And three young call centre girls from East London - Babs, Shabs and Cabs, who have just about worked out that it's unlikely that cows eat burgers.

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    1. S1-Ep1: Bullshit detector This video is a clip S1-Ep1: Bullshit detector Video duration: 0:35 minutes

      Afzal comes up with the latest device on the market..
      • WARNING Strong Language
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    2. S1-Ep1: Jewish Chat This video is a clip S1-Ep1: Jewish Chat Video duration: 0:40 minutes

      Searching for the ultimate Jew... Watch Kookyville Kookyville
    3. S1-Ep1: Swearing Granny This video is a clip S1-Ep1: Swearing Granny Video duration: 0:53 minutes

      Karen thanks Ronnie for educating her about the English language
      • WARNING Very Strong Language
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