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Nicolas Cage stars in Australian director Alex Proyas's science fiction thriller about the discovery of a series of deadly prophecies.

Back in 1959, a Boston school buried a time capsule containing the pupils' imaginings of what life would be like in the future; most contributions were in the form of pictures, but one was very different.

Now, 50 years later, the experiment has been dug up, and the predictions distributed among the school's current students; the oddity - a long list of numbers that baffles everyone - is given to Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury), who takes it home.

When Caleb's scientist dad John (Cage) takes a look at it he realises that the list details a series of lethal events, all but three of which have already happened.

Convinced he's right, John sets out to both prove his theory and stop the impending disasters. But little does he know the danger he, his family and everyone around him are in...

Also starring Rose Byrne.

Knowing synopsis

A scientist uncovers a long-buried list of numbers that may prophesize disaster

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