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Kirstie Allsopp uses vintage style to transform unloved houses into beautiful homes

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Kirstie Allsopp uses vintage style to transform unloved houses into beautiful homes

Series 1 Summary

Kirstie Allsopp looks to the past for inspiration to rescue homeowners and their unloved and cluttered homes.

By showing families how to ditch their 'throw out and spend' ways, Kirstie inspires them to 'make do and mend', introducing them, and viewers, to a whole host of new crafts, skills and techniques for interior decoration in the process.

  • Episode 1 - Colin and Amber

    Colin Webster and Amber Moss are all at sea when it comes to creating their perfect home.

    The couple's 60s maisonette, near Edinburgh's 'secret beach', should be a groovy pad for this fun loving young couple. Instead it is drowning in oceans of clutter as the pair juggle a new baby, busy lives and a tendency towards panic buying online bargains.

    Kirstie's on hand to help them craft their way from desperate mess to des res.

    With help from Britain's top designers and artists, they uncover classic techniques and use cutting edge materials to create 60s inspired interiors.

    They make a memory quilt for the bedroom, bespoke orb lights for the sitting room, and Kirstie shows how to shop smart when it comes to vintage buys.

  • Episode 2 - Shaun and Jannine

    Kirstie Allsopp is looking to the past for inspiration and embracing vintage style to help homeowners desperately in need of help.

    This time it's Shaun and Jannine Cartwright and their three sons in need of assistance.

    The family has reached a massive stumbling block when it comes to overhauling their Blackburn home, which is full of clutter, clutter and more clutter. Jannine has recently fought cancer and the family is now struggling to know where to begin in order to create a more homely home.

    Kirstie and her team of top designers and artists help Shaun and Janninie create a 1950s-inspired family playroom and a fin de si├Ęcle romantic bedroom. They make a bespoke chaise canopy in stunning textiles and treasure chests for the boys' toys and shop for a vintage sideboard and reupholster the dining room chairs.

  • Episode 3 - Ellie and Nick

    Kirstie helps Ellie and Nick Harrington, who are desperate to revamp the kitchen and dining room of their new home in Tunbridge Wells.

    The trouble is that this couple have no practical DIY skills. With Kirstie, they make bespoke pottery for the kitchen and willow placemats for the dining room.

    They also head out on a salvage-yard search for antique pieces that will cement the vintage style they want and give them the confidence they need to buy second hand in the future.

  • Episode 4 - Craig and Amy

    Kirstie helps Craig Moore and Amy Green host their very own vintage wedding. Craig is in the army and is about to head out to Afghanistan, so Kirstie is going to make their big day an affair to remember.

    Kirstie takes inspiration from the Queen's 1947 wedding to give their nuptials all the romance and glamour they desire.

    Her team of expert crafters help Craig and Amy make their own wedding rings, create stunning vintage flower arrangements, mix delicious cocktails and prepare beautiful paper-cut wedding invitations.

  • Episode 5 - Iman and Heather

    Kirstie pulls out all the stops for Cheshire couple Iman and Heather, who have a brand new home and a baby on the way. They'd like a vintage nursery and a 1920s inspired sitting room, but Heather's due date is in just five weeks and Iman doesn't like buying vintage goods...

    The good news is that because it's a new house Kirstie has a perfect blank canvas on which to work her magic, and she finds inspiration in the art-deco decadence and travel influences of the 20s. Kirstie comes up with crafts and bargain hunting to help Iman overcome his aversion to second hand, and he even discovers a craft he really enjoys.

    From finding rare pieces to making personalised toys and gilding picture frames, with Kirstie's help Iman and Heather are able to create the home they dreamed of.

  • Episode 6 - The Clarkes

    On the Isle of Wight, Kirstie directs her attention to single dad Rich Clarke and his two daughters, seven-year-old Daisy-May and five-year-old Amy.

    Rich wants to turn the girls' bedroom into a fabulous space they'll enjoy for years to come. Their love of butterflies and birds combined with colours, patterns and textures of the 1970s are the main design inspiration.

    They hunt down a 70s bedside table at an antiques market, handmake a soft felt rug for the floor, and decorate jewellery boxes for Daisy and Amy's treasures.

    They also create a unique tree mural with shelving for all of the girls' favourite things, teaching Rich how to get to grips with power tools and DIY and enabling him to transform his daughters' bedroom.

  • Episode 7 - Kirstie's Vintage Christmas

    Kirstie Allsopp continues to spread her love of all things vintage and handmade as she looks to the past for inspiration to help create the perfect family Christmas.

    From Victorian festive touches to the Germanic origins of many of our modern traditions, from beautiful decorations to delectable foodie treats, the show is guaranteed to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

    Kirstie tracks down the perfect Christmas tree and dresses it with Victorian-inspired 'kissing ball' decorations. Chef Richard Hunt teaches her to cook up a hearty 'Christmas in a cup' using venison.

Kirstie's Vintage Home synopsis

Kirstie Allsopp uses vintage style to transform unloved houses into beautiful homes

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