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Kirstie Allsopp is on a mission to transform properties, including her own, to make the ultimate 'homemade' homes

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Kirstie Allsopp is on a mission to transform properties, including her own, to make the ultimate 'homemade' homes

Series 2 Summary

Kirstie returns for a second series and this time she's spreading her crafty message by taking on dull and dowdy homes across the country. After transforming her own home using homemade crafts, reclaimed pieces and hard graft, Kirstie turns her skills to showing others how to make great use of the old, proving that not everything has to be brand new when it comes to making a creative home.

  • Kirstie's Homemade Home

    Episode 1 - Wolverhampton

    Kirstie meets Shaun and Gemma Ward who are desperate for some inspiration to transform their six bedroom Victorian town house in Wolverhampton.

    The ideas covered in this episode include stained glass windows, a master class in curtain making, a trip to the blacksmith, and a visit with crochet expert Erica Knight.

  • Kirstie's Homemade Home

    Episode 2 - Cambridgeshire

    Kirstie helps Natalie and Terry make their house in Cambridgeshire sunnier and more exotic.

    Having spent 13 years working in the Caribbean, Natalie and Terry Knight want to create a homemade home at their house in Cambridgeshire that is inspired by the region.

    Kirstie hand sews them a patchwork cushion with the help of Angel Hughs. She takes the couple to the Ardingly International Antique and Collectors Fair, and introduces them to frame maker Max Davis. And they visit candle maker David Constable and make a shell decorated wax lantern.

    And Kirstie goes back in time and embarks on a bit of rag and boning for the local Women's Institute's bring-and-buy sale. She also does a spot of gilding.

  • Kirstie's Homemade Home

    Episode 3 - Aylesbury

    Kirstie meets Gabi and Luke, who want to transform their home near Aylesbury.

    Gabi Stallard and Luke Delahunty want to transform their first home near Aylesbury into a decorative oasis. To help out, Kirstie tries her hand at pewter making to craft something special for their home. She takes Gabi and Luke to Ardingly Antiques Fair in West Sussex for a master class in second hand shopping, and sends them to Colchester to see mosaic artist Anne Swegman-Fielding.

    Kirstie also enlists the help of gardener Simon Steel to help with designing the garden.

    And the show also features carving in limestone and Kirstie doing a spot of cross stitch.

  • Kirstie's Homemade Home

    Episode 4 - Surrey

    Paulette and Gerry Crow and their three children are stuck living in a bland 'box' in Surrey that just doesn't suit them.

    Kirstie begins by revamping their living room by transforming the French doors with some handmade roman blinds, expertly stencilled with the help of interior decorator Helen Morris.

    Kirstie takes Paulette and Gerry second hand shopping. And bolstered by antiques expert Orlando Rock, Kirstie helps the couple find some chairs with real character.

    Twelve-year-old Dan needs a bedroom fit for a teenager. Kirstie decides to make him a new funky bean bag with the help of textile designer Amanda McCrory.

    Kirstie meets modern rag and bone trader Chris Carey, who runs a fleet of vans and lorries collecting textiles from recycling banks and charity shops to be recycled. 25 tonnes of textiles come into their warehouse each week, with a lot of it being sent abroad to less well off countries.

    And in her fourth master class voted for by viewers, Kirstie has a go at the art of glass fusion.

  • Kirstie's Homemade Home

    Episode 5 - North London

    Kirstie helps Alpesh and Sharon make their mark on the interiors of the family home they bought three years ago.

    Alpesh and Sharon moved into their home three years ago. But before they could really settle in the children came along. Kirstie's here to help. She takes the couple shopping at an antique's fair where she finds them a mirror. She meets expert potter Abigail Simpson, and introduces Alpesh and Sharon to Annie Sloan, who has over 30 years of experience reviving furniture.

    Kirstie takes a trip to see Angel Hughes, a leading talent in the art of block printing. She also goes rummaging at her favourite salvage yard and finds a new love in freestyle embroidery.

  • Kirstie's Homemade Home

    Episode 6 - Surrey

    Kirstie meets Amanda and John Pearce and learns about rag rugging.

    Amanda and John moved into their Surrey home seven years ago, and have since had three children. John is a self-confessed hoarder, so Kirstie not only needs to revamp their aged interiors, but also persuade him to de-clutter.

    Kirstie takes the couple to Shepton Mallet Antiques Market in Somerset, and gets antiques expert Tony Geering involved in the search for a mirror.

    They meet tile maker Richard Miller, to learn how to make some truly unique tiles of their own.

    There's also a spot of wood turning to make some candlesticks for the dining room, while John and Amanda head to Hastings for a lesson in copper beating.

    And in her latest master class, as voted for by viewers, Kirstie learns how to transform recycled material with a spot of rag rugging.

Kirstie's Homemade Home synopsis

Kirstie Allsopp is on a mission to transform properties, including her own, to make the ultimate 'homemade' homes

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