Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free

    • Episode 1 - Hannah and Andy and Arfa and Salim

      Kirstie helps Hannah and Andy from Bedfordshire to create a family room, a sewing studio and a man cave. Also visiting Kirstie's store are married first-time buyers Arfa and Salim.

    • Episode 2 - Louise and Ferne and Peter

      Kirstie comes to the rescue of Louise whose first-time flat purchase has turned into such a money pit so she's moved back in with her parents

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    • Episode 3 - Emma and Darren and Angela

      Kirstie Allsopp helps transform Emma and Darren's home in Worcester - which is a bit of an 80s time warp - into a colourful family home

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    • Episode 4 - Christine & Chris and Helen

      Kirstie helps couple Christine and Chris furnish their first time buy - a tenement flat in Glasgow. Mum-of-two Helen Wade wants to turn her bedroom into a sanctuary for herself but also a workspace.

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    • Episode 5 - Samantha and Stacey and Dave

      Kirstie sets out to help Samantha from Eastbourne, who wants to give her local authority flat some personality, and Stacey and Dave, who need a new kitchen

    • Episode 6 - Jasbinder and Windsor

      In west London, Kirstie helps single mum Jasbinder create a family bathroom and a shared bedroom for two girls with polar opposite tastes. In Windsor, Kirstie and Charis help a family hit by flooding.

    • Series 2 Episode 7

      After challenging the nation to fill their houses for free, Kirstie Allsopp conducts a room by room guide to some of her favourite decorative transformations and creative upcycles