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Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free

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      Episode 22 - Furniture Hacking

      Furniture hacker Max McMurdo gets creative and fashions a table from an old engine and turns an old bath into a bespoke chair.

      This episode is subtitled8 mins
    • Episode 20 - Brighton

      Kirstie visits Brighton, to look at a stunning Georgian home, and also Devon, to see a home where the furniture was made for free

    • Episode 19 - Somerset and Cheltenham

      Kirstie is in Somerset in a house including a recycled cinema. She's also in Cheltenham at a country cottage.

    • Episode 18 - Glasgow

      Kirstie visits a glorious tenement which features some amazing reimagined furniture

    • Episode 17 - Somerset

      In the West Country, Kirstie visits a house that has been furnished from top to bottom with upcycled furniture

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      Episode 16 - Glasgow Tenement

      Kirstie Allsopp is in Glasgow at a glorious tenement which features some amazing reimagined furniture

      This episode is subtitled2 mins 59
    • Episode 15 - Bath

      Kirstie takes a close look at upcycling in Bath

    • Episode 14 - West London

      Kirstie and the team help Jasbinder, a single mother from west London, with a new bedroom for two of her kids and a refurb for the bathroom and front garden

    • Episode 13 - Sam

      Kirstie and the team meet single mother Sam and try to turn her rather drab dwelling into a dream home

    • Episode 12 - Glasgow Flat

      Kirstie and the team help first time buyers Christine and Chris, who've run out of money to decorate their Glasgow flat

    • Episode 11 - Suburban Semi

      Kirstie Allsopp helps Hannah and Andy turn their suburban semi from a war zone into a wonderland

    • Episode 10 - Flood Repair

      Kirstie Allsopp and the team come to the rescue of Dave and Kate, whose house has been flooded

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      Episode 9 - Forest of Dean

      Kirstie and the team leap to the aid of Jules, whose rural cottage has been wrecked by a flood

      This episode is subtitled13 mins
    • Episode 8 - Southbourne

      Kirstie helps Stacey and Dave jazz up their living room, hall and bedroom

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      Episode 7 - Wrexham

      Kirstie Allsopp helps Stacey and Dave in Wrexham with a kitchen diner make-over

      This episode is subtitled13 mins
    • Episode 6 - Staffordshire

      Kirstie helps single mum Helen with her bedroom in Staffordshire

    • Episode 5 - Huge Bedroom Makeover

      In Newcastle, Kirstie helps Angela do up her bedroom without bursting the bank

    • Episode 4 - Worcerstershire

      Kirstie Allsopp and the Fill Your House team come to the aid of Worcerstershire couple Emma and Darren, whose family home is in drastic need of an overhaul

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      Episode 3 - Fern and Peter

      Kirstie Allsopp and the team help young lovers Fern and Peter to transform their empty flat into a brilliant space for entertaining, with the help of some crafty upcycling

      This episode is subtitled11 mins
    • Episode 2 - Essex

      Kirstie Allsopp and the team head for Essex, helping Louise turn her dilapidated flat into a peaceful paradise - without breaking the bank

    • Episode 1 - Wembley

      Kirstie and the team spring to the aid of a couple from Wembley who own a flat but almost no furniture