Series 1 Episode 2
First Broadcast: 8PM Thu 15 December 2011

Kevin continues in his epic battle to build his very own Grand Design of visionary homes. But as the schedule slips residents start to grumble.

As part of the Great British Property Scandal Kevin McCloud tries to prove that it shouldn't cost any more to build homes that are a lot nicer to live in. As he nears the end of the his five-year project to build beautiful, affordable, eco homes for the same price as low cost social housing, Kevin has become convinced that good design can help us live happier, more sociable lives.

In an extraordinary social experiment, Kevin wants to create a new kind of development, where neighbours share vegetable gardens, grow fruit trees and look after their own central village green. So Kevin and his partners start team-building exercises to get private and council tenants working together.

But has Kevin done enough to sow the seeds of a strong community? And more importantly what will people think of his visionary homes?

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Kevin McCloud sets out to do what Britain's housing industry said couldn't be done - to build beautiful, contemporary, affordable, sustainable homes and still make money