Series 1 Episode 1
First Broadcast: 9PM Tue 7 February 2012

Following a vicious acid attack in 2008, Katie Piper has undergone 109 operations to rebuild her face. But it is the 110th op, using cutting-edge science, which could truly transform her life, providing her only chance of seeing again through her badly damaged left eye.

After spending three and a half years struggling to accept she would forever be blind in one eye, Katie heard about pioneering surgery that could potentially restore her sight using the extraordinary power of stem cells.

She tracked down the doctor responsible for it and has put herself forward to be one of the first people in the world to undergo the treatment, which entails transplanting stem cells directly into her eye.

Fascinated by this futuristic regenerative treatment and keen to better understand how the invasive procedure works, Katie embarks on an exploration of stem cell science.

It's hailed by some as the saviour of modern medicine, and Katie also explores the ethical debate that surrounds stem cell treatment, some of which involves the use or destruction of human embryos.

Katie discovers the science behind stem cell technology, investigating the long term effects, the chance of success and moral considerations as she prepares to undergo this ground-breaking optical surgery.

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Katie Piper explores the issues surrounding the pioneering surgery she's undergoing to regain the sight in her left eye