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Jockey School

Three teenagers with troubled backgrounds each want to make it as jockeys.

They're not from the ranks of Champagne-drinking, hat-wearing spectators normally associated with race days. They aren't world-renowned sportsmen on horseback, dedicated to what they do and in peak physical condition.

They're fighters, travellers and troublesome teens, who have not had the best start in life. But they're passionate about horses, and this could be their way to a better future.

The Northern Racing College near Doncaster offers an intensive 10-week course, the possibility of a second chance and training for these teenagers to become jockeys.

Chaos meets order as the teenagers enter a world of 7am starts, discipline and hard work, and face the no-nonsense approach of the tutors.

Can the rigid structure and routine of Britain's toughest jockey school and a love of horses give these teenagers a fighting chance of a better life?

Jockey School synopsis

Can discipline, hard work and a love of horses give teenagers with troubled backgrounds a fighting chance of a better life?

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