Series 1 Episode 6
First Broadcast: 9PM Tue 29 November 2011

Jamie Oliver concludes his journey around Britain in the west of Scotland, where he discovers a food culture just as distinctive as the rugged landscape.

Jamie finds how haggis, a Viking invention, is being given a West Indian twist in Glasgow's oldest Scottish restaurant.

He joins fisherman Hector Stewart to go scallop diving in the River Clyde then cooks up seared scallops with crispy black pudding and creamy clapshot.

In Striven, Jamie unlocks the secret of the Arbroath smokie and harvests rope-grown mussels, before using both products to create a Scottish version of a French classic - MacMoule mariniere.

Jamie discovers how to cook indestructible dried fruit dessert - the clootie dumpling - helps out on a pheasant shoot, and brings his adventure to a close with an ambitious feast combining the best of local game with an Italian recipe - mouth-watering seared venison loin with Scottish risotto and golden pheasant hash.

Expect haggis, bird shooting and a bit of animal butchery.

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