Jamie's Food Revolution Hits Hollywood

  • Episode 1

    Jamie's campaign gets off to a disastrous start when the city's school authority, the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), refuses to let him film in their schools

  • Episode 2

    Jamie finds a school in LA willing to risk letting him in, much to the displeasure of the authorities. Jamie takes over a cooking class, but has bigger plans in store

  • Episode 3

    The increasingly hostile school board shuts down Jamie's sample lunches at West Adams Preparatory School

  • Episode 4

    Jamie Oliver introduces the West Adams students to older people who suffer from obesity and diabetes, to show what could happen if they don't change their eating habits

  • Episode 5

    Jamie builds a kitchen right across the street from West Adams High School as he continues his fight to get to grips with LA's junk food addiction

  • Episode 6

    In LA, Jamie's nemesis, Ramon Cortines, has left his job and his replacement, John Deasy, is offering a fresh start...