Jamie's Dream School

  • Episode 1

    David Starkey hopes to inspire the class with some seventh-century 'bling' from the Staffordshire Hoard. Professor Robert Winston has the kids dissecting rats and a pig.

  • Episode 2

    Jamie tries to address discipline, banning mobile phones in class. New teacher Alastair Campbell thinks he can get 20 uninterested kids excited about politics by showing how they can change the world.

  • Episode 3

    Jamie wants to see if a classical education, taught by some of the most brilliant people, can reach today's disillusioned children, so he enlists the help of a Latin scholar from Cambridge.

  • Episode 4

    Top Cambridge Latin scholar Professor Mary Beard attempts to excite the kids with a subject few state school kids do any more, using David Beckham's tattoos as an unusual Latin primer

  • Episode 5

    Robert Winston has a hands-on lesson he's sure will get the kids interested in science: he wants two boys to supply a sperm sample for a fertility lesson. And he sets up Dream School's own A&E.

  • Episode 6

    Jamie enlists formidable dinner lady Nora Sands' help in the Dream School, explorer David Hempleman-Adams leads the pupils up Snowdon, and Cherie Blair brings a reformed killer into class.

  • Episode 7

    It's the last few days of term and Alastair Campbell takes the Dream School pupils to Downing Street, so they can put their points about education to the Prime Minister, David Cameron.