Series 1 Episode 7
First Broadcast: 1AM Wed 13 April 2011

It's the last few days of the school term and Alastair Campbell has managed to get the Dream School kids invited to Downing Street to put their points about education to the Prime Minister, David Cameron. But should he take 16-year-old Angelique, who swore at him and stormed out of his class?

Andrew Motion, the former poet laureate, concludes his poetry course with a special event for the kids' friends and parents. Will his decision to persevere with the kids after his tumultuous early lessons be vindicated?

There's an end-of-term test from Professor Robert Winston and a sports day challenge against a local school, masterminded by Olympic gold medal-winner Daley Thompson.

At Downing Street, Alastair Campbell introduces the students to David Cameron, the man who could do most to help their generation. But will they use the opportunity to get their message across?

And as the young people leave Dream School, Jamie wants them to have proof of what they've achieved. So as well as producing portfolios of their work and achievements, he asks four of his top teachers - Rankin, Alastair Campbell, Jazzie B and David Starkey - to give all the kids a final assessment.

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