Jamie's American Road Trip

  • Episode 1 - Los Angeles

    Jamie Oliver takes a culinary journey through the real heart of America, exploring its people and culture through its food in this series, starting in Los Angeles with Mexican cuisine.

  • Episode 2 - Wyoming

    Jamie tries the rodeo, camp-fire cooking, Rocky Mountain Oysters, and a night sleeping under the stars in Wyoming, to find out if the cowboys he loved as a kid still exist.

  • Episode 3 - New York

    Jamie explores the underground restaurant scene in New York, shares a Hookah in Queens, makes noodles on the hoof in Chinatown and hosts his own supper club featuring a melting pot menu.

  • Episode 4 - Louisiana

    Jamie goes hunting for alligators and cooking gumbo in Louisiana, as well as helping a local eatery get back on its feet again just weeks after Hurricane Gustav has wreaked havoc.

  • Episode 5 - Georgia to Florida

    Jamie drives across America's Deep South in search of the best cheap food in the US. Along the way, he cooks soul food, listens to gospel music and enters a mass barbecue competition in Florida.

  • Episode 6 - Arizona

    The final stop on Jamie's tour is a Navajo Indian reservation in Arizona, where he encounters America's oldest cuisine and explores Navajo rituals and traditions.