Jamie's American Road Trip


  • Mexican Street Salad Recipe

    This simple little salad can be quite extraordinary, but you've got to season it with that Mexican spirit by being brave with the lime juice, salt and chilli

  • Appleberry Pie Recipe

    Jamie's version of the all-American apple pie, with his added crumble topping for a unique twist

  • Gorditas and Salsa Recipe

    Gordita means 'little fat girl' and is also the name for these sweet little puffy tortillas, which are often made around Easter and other special occasions

  • Cornish Cowboy Pasties Recipe

    Turns out that in the 1920s and 30s, miners from Cornwall came over to work in Montana and it wasn't long before the locals developed a taste for the good old Cornish pasty. ...

  • Southern-Style Pork and Slaw Recipe

    Jamie makes a deconstructed version of a roadside restaurant meal here by roasting half a shoulder of pork, dressing it with fresh flavours and serving it with his take on their traditional coleslaw

  • Hush Puppies Recipe

    A Southern classic from Jamie's American adventures, these hush puppies are a great BBQ accompaniment

  • Candied Bacon Green Salad Recipe

    Salty smoked bacon is caramelised and served with juicy clementines in Jamie's New York-inspired salad

  • Surf and Turf Gumbo Recipe

    Jamie's twist on a true American soul classic, with crab, prawns and sausage

  • Green Chilli Recipe

    Discover a new type of chilli with this fresh, green version from Jamie's American Road Trip

  • Navajo Flatbreads Recipe

    As simple as bread gets, and mega tasty too, these flatbreads are a great accompaniment to so many meals