Jamie's American Food Revolution

  • Episode 1

    Having tackled UK school food and home cooking, Jamie Oliver's off to try to start a food revolution in the US, starting in Huntington, West Virginia - dubbed 'America's unhealthiest city'.

  • Episode 2

    Jamie Oliver tries to persuade Huntington, the least healthy US city to eat better. But the children don't seem interested and it's not clear whether the school will let him continue.

  • Episode 3

    Jamie checks to see how the two-week healthy food trial is working at the elementary school while training up several high school students to cook for 80 local dignitaries

  • Episode 4

    Jamie organises a 'flash mob' cooking and dancing session in a bid to get a thousand people to come to his kitchen to learn a healthy recipe

  • Episode 5

    Jamie meets the head of the local hospital to beg for $150,000 to keep the food revolution going. And he learns some shocking news from the local school's supplier.

  • Episode 6

    Jamie holds a food festival to thank the people of Huntington. Hospital boss Doug donates $80,000 to spread the project to all schools; and the school food supplier pledges a year's free produce.