Jamie & Jimmy's Food Fight Club

  • Episode 1 - France

    Jamie and Jimmy put British cheeses nose-to-nose with their French rivals. Alan Carr pops into the caff for a dangerous game of 'fig roll roulette'.

  • Episode 2 - Germany

    Jimmy and Jamie pitch British sausages against their German rivals, and Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow comes to the caff to cook pasta with the boys and face a food fight of her own

  • Episode 3 - Italy

    Jimmy and Jamie want to see if British puds can beat Italian desserts. Jonathan Ross pops into the caff to cook extra-special bread and butter pudding and attempt the 'After Eight challenge'.

  • Episode 4 - Belgium

    Jimmy and Jamie want to see if they can beat the Belgians at their own game, by making a better beer. Gary Barlow pops in to the caff to cook steak and ale pie.