Inside Birmingham Children's Hospital

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    Episode 10

    A remarkable teenager is coming to the end of life-changing treatment, as other children start what could be long relationships with the hospital

    This episode is subtitled46 mins
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    Episode 9

    A sports-obsessed teenager finds out that she has a heart problem and a four-year-old girl shows remarkable courage in the face of leukaemia

    This episode is subtitled47 mins
  • Episode 8

    Ten-year-old Louie faces the prospect of major heart surgery with quiet courage, while his parents struggle to hide their fears. Finley, who's four, has an alarming cut on his forehead.

  • Episode 7

    Can teenager Keanu take responsibility for her own health, and can her mum let her? Meanwhile, Evan urgently needs a new kidney. His parents face a vital decision when they receive extraordinary news.

  • Episode 6

    This inspiring and heart-warming episode follows parents who have started families early in life and are already having to make decisions that will define their children's future

  • Episode 5

    This episode follows parents who have to adjust their hopes for their children's future in the face of life-threatening accidents. Meanwhile, Matthew, who's nine, urgently needs a kidney transplant.

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  • Episode 4

    Teenagers Jack and Rene make life-changing decisions about their medical treatment, as their parents await the outcome. Evie and Rodi are treated following mountain biking and rugby accidents.

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  • Episode 3

    Seven-year-old Eman has a kidney condition that means more than a cup of water a day could kill her. She wants to drink more, so her mum has to balance being a loving mother and a disciplinarian.

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  • Episode 2

    This episode meets three families dealing with difference. Tijana was born with small eyes. Baby Lily has a cleft lip and palate. Teenager Ellie is battling feelings of depression.

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  • Episode 1

    Charlie needs a liver transplant; his dad Chris offers to be a living donor. Josh has sickle cell anaemia; his dad's been bringing him up alone since his mum died. Liam has a serious football injury.

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    Extra: What kind of parent are you?

    Exploring parents' and children's perceptions of each other, with some endearing insights

    This episode is subtitled2 mins 12
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    Extra: What are parents for?

    Patients of Birmingham Children's Hospital give a fresh take on what they think the point of a parent really is

    This episode is subtitled2 mins 21