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Infiltrate Hunter HQ...

Get behind the scenes of a unique show in this new video extra Watch Series 2: Inside HQ


For the five remaining fugitives, their time on the run is edging towards the finish line as they try to stay undetected to win a share of the £100,000 prize

First shown: 20 Oct 2016 Strong language This programme is subtitled

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Channel 4 Thu 27 Oct, 9pm Series 2 Episode 6


This year, with a cash prize on the finish line, the stakes were even higher. Find out the rules to the new series.


Worth the jump

Risking their lives and dodging security to scale amazing structures


Go on the run from a team of expert Hunters in a real-life game of Hunted for you and a friend.

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Fly over the fence into the UK's weirdest and creepiest off-limit areas