Hugh's Fish Fight


  • The Battle Continues

    Determined to help conserve diminishing fish stocks from around the world, last year Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall made it his mission to delve into the depths of the British fishing industry.

  • Fish Labels Debunked

    Are you supermarket savvy, or do you fall for the labels hook, line and sinker?

  • Where to Buy Sustainable Fish

    British supermarkets have taken measures to make sure their stock is ethically sound

  • TTV's response to claims made in Hugh's Fish Fight

    The findings from Ghana have been put to TTV Limited, the tuna fishing company referred to in Hugh's Fish Fight

  • Salmon

    Once a delicacy, now our favourite everyday fish; but is salmon sustainable?

  • Cod

    Cod may be close to the nation’s heart but, as Ewen Cook discovers, these days it isn’t caught close to home.

  • Tuna

    Our beloved tuna is a sustainability labyrinth

  • Sustainable Seafood, the Norwegian Way

    Just what makes skrei the catch of the day?