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Gok Wan presents the inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape - and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight...

About the Show

Gok Wan presents the inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape - and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight...

Series 3 Summary

The third and fourth series of the successful show that makes the people of Britain feel positive about their bodies, clothed or naked.

  • Episode 1

    Gok's mission is to rescue down in the dumps ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew, transforming her from a boob hater to a banger rater!

  • Episode 2

    Gok meets Cindy, 40, a mother of three who spends so much time running around after the kids that she's forgotten to take care of herself

  • Episode 3

    Gok Wan meets Ali Birch, 25, a bride-to-be who longs to be confident and glowing when she walks down the aisle, but can't see anything beautiful about her figure

  • Episode 4

    Gok meets 59-year-old Angela Morgan, whose body confidence has hit rock bottom after her husband left her. Can he restyle her and get her confident enough to get back on the dating scene?

  • Episode 5

    Even after a triumphant weight loss of six stone, Debbie, who is a slimming club instructor, hates her body, and still sees herself as she used to be. Gok to the rescue

  • Episode 6

    Gok Wan meets 26-year-old community worker Alison Howard. This body loather has got such a poor body image that she hasn't looked at herself in the mirror for years. Expect a lot of nudity.

  • Episode 7

    In the first of two New Year's specials, Gok meets Lydia Rullow. Can he show her how to make the most of her best body assets to increase her body confidence for the new year and beyond?

  • Episode 8

    One girl, Andrea Perrett, desperately needs a new look for 2008 but doesn't know how to get it. Gok's New Year's resolution is to get Andrea back on track.

  • Episode 9

    Style maestro Gok Wan is faced with a different and difficult task this week, as identical twins Jeannie and Suzy present him with a body-hater and body-rater with the same face!

  • Episode 10

    Rachel is the ultimate body hater and feels more like a bloke in drag than the buxom beauty that she is! Can Gok get this nurse to love her sexy shape and turn her attitude around?

  • Episode 11

    Nicki has been single for over two years, and hasn't let anyone see her naked for just as long. Will Gok ever be able to convince her of the naked truth?

  • Episode 12

    Gok meets former beauty queen Claire Osgood. Back in the early 80s Claire used to strut her stuff in front of hundreds in nothing more than a skimpy swimsuit - but not any more...

  • Episode 13

    In a first for How to Look Good Naked, style guru Gok Wan surprises unsuspecting Jenny with her shock nomination. This gal has a size 8 figure that most women would kill for, but she hates her body...

  • Episode 14

    In this episode, Gok meets 33-year-old wannabe actress Clare Coxon, whose low body confidence is holding her back from pursuing her dream of appearing on stage

  • Episode 15

    In the most emotional How to Look Good Naked to date, Gok meets 32-year-old Kelly Chamberlain whose self-esteem has been shattered due to cancer. The last in the current series.

  • Episode 16

    Gok looks at some of his favourite How to Look Good Naked transformations. Here he catches up with Lucy Govan.

  • Episode 17

    Gok catches up with Lisa Mayall and it turns out she's still buzzing

  • Episode 18

    Gok Wan returns to see whether the women whose confidence he boosted are still riding high a year on. In this How to Look Good Naked revisit Gok hooks up again with Helen Thompson.

  • Episode 19

    Gok Wan meets up again with former bouncer Alison Howard. He helped her find her feminine side, but some time down the line is she still tending to her girly grooming?

  • Episode 20

    Gok revisits teacher Becky Newman who hated her big bum. Gok got her shaking her booty down his catwalk, but will Becky still be loving her derriere?

  • Episode 21

    Gok hooks up again with ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew. She hated her body and it was ruining her relationship until Gok encouraged her to love her shape, giving her the confidence to go naked.