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Gok Wan presents the inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape - and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight...

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Gok Wan presents the inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape - and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight...

Series 3 Summary

The third and fourth series of the successful show that makes the people of Britain feel positive about their bodies, clothed or naked.

  • Episode 1

    Gok's mission is to rescue down in the dumps ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew, transforming her from a boob hater to a banger rater!

    Sonya hates her boobs. She's anti-curves and yearns for a ballerina's body rather than a fuller, womanly, figure. She refuses to wear a leotard when dancing and hates the fact that it prevented her being a professional ballet dancer.

    Worst of all, this has started to affect her relationship with adoring husband Yestin - he's even forced on to the sofa to sleep as Sonya can't bear to be seen naked in her boudoir.

    So what can be done to help Sonya overcome her bad body image? Well first our girl is going to need a Gok shock to get things back in proportion. Having refused to look at her reflection in the mirror (even when teaching a ballet lesson!) Gok's going to give Sonya the low-down on her body in his mirror suite.

    Next up, having run a poster of Sonya up the mainmast of a ship in her local town of Brighton, it's time for Sonya to hear what the locals really think of her ample assets. There's no need for Gok to go fishing for compliments here - they flow fast and freely!

    Gok gets Sonya to ditch her wardrobe of black clothes and with a sexy new bra showing off her shapely breasts, husband Yestin is getting an eyeful for the first time in years. All Sonya needs is a little bit of pampering and preening and she's ready for her sultry shoot in a glorious stately home.

    With a stunning new wardrobe and some hot catwalk moves, Sonya is ready to take to the runway for her very own fashion extravaganza. But when the moment of truth arrives will this dancing queen be able to walk the walk in just her underwear?

  • Episode 2

    Gok's in Crawley where he's on a mission to re-awaken the rock chick in Cindy Bristow. Cindy's not just hit 40, she's also slammed full on into the buffers, and after 3 kids is feeling clueless how to adapt to the lumps and bumps that motherhood brings. She still feels like she's 20 in her head and whilst being young at heart is no bad thing; it's making Cindy feel horrified every time she looks in a mirror. Cindy is conscious that husband Dan is 9 years younger than her and she worries that her changing body will affect their relationship. This negative mindset has meant that doting Dan doesn't get a look in - making the situation infinitely worse.

    Luckily for Cindy, Gok's got a foolproof system for getting women out of their body slumps, and it starts with a visit to his hall of mirrors. There's no fairground tricks here though, just an honest and emotional appraisal of Cindy's assets, from her beautiful bum and boobs to her big problem area - her belly.

    Having had the courage to strip down in front of another person for the first time in years, Gok's going to take Cindy on a tummy-tastic journey to make her understand that she is actually bang on the UK average. Gok's got a surprise for Cindy as he drives his poster van right through the centre of her hometown - to honks of appreciation from the local men!

    This bellisimo babe just needs a bit of advice on how to draw attention away from her belly (even though Gok can't get enough of it) and her fashion makeover helps her do just that. With the right clothing there is nothing hotter than a curvy girl, but Cindy's committing a criminal offence with her hideous baggy clothes - and it's up to Officer Gok to remove all the evidence!

    With her newly rediscovered fashion confidence, Gok whisks Cindy away to a luxurious country retreat, but Cindy's going to be coming closer to nature than she ever realised.

    And then it's the big one - Cindy heads to the world renowned Trafford Centre to take part in her own sensational fashion show and as she struts like a star, there was just one more surprise that Gok had in store for her!

  • Episode 3

    Ali Birch looks like a girl who's got it all. She's 25 years old, has a rewarding career as a midwife, and has a perfectly petite frame that any number of girls would be gagging for. The problem is that Ali feels that she just doesn't measure up to other girls, and at 4ft 10" she worries that her little girl complex is starting to affect other parts of her life.

    Boyfriend Matt is a strapping 6 footer, and whilst he's fancied Ali from the moment he laid eyes on her, she doesn't see the gorgeous sexy redhead that Matt does - preferring to dwell on her thunderous thighs and insisting on wearing an unflattering sports bra at all times. She's also ruining things in the bedroom by hiding away in kids pyjamas, instead of flaunting her figure in the flesh.

    To get to the bottom of things, Gok's going to have strip this girl bare. Ali's body issues date back to when she was a child, where she always thought of herself as being fat. This negative body image has carried forward, and whilst she still feels and looks like a young girl, it's impossible for her to become a gorgeous, sexy woman.

    With Ali's thighs being her biggest body issue, Gok decides to bring along a bevy of beauties to demonstrate that Ali's got things all out of proportion. With her thighs coming in well below the national average, Gok finally convinces Ali that she should be proud of her pins.

    To get Ali thinking big, it's time for a Gok shock in her local shopping centre; but can the Camberley public convince this girl that it's time to ditch the caterpillar cover and burst into the world as a beautiful butterfly?

    Meanwhile Gok pays a surprise visit to Ali's house, but for once this fashion aficionado is left lost for words by what he finds - a wall of paintings of Ali looking sexy - but none of the clothes he finds get anywhere what she's parading in her pictures. Having destroyed the dingy knickers, Gok's on a mission to spice up Ali and Matt's sex life, and with some luscious new lingerie, things soon go from pants to panties!

    Most of Ali's outfits are beyond redemption, but Gok wants to show her that it's not always about chucking out your old clothes - a restyling at the hands of Gok's stylist scissors soon has Ali's old ball dress bang up to date, but they'll be no sign of that when Gok gets her to get her kit off in front of a room full of strangers - a massive challenge for a girl that only a few short weeks ago wouldn't even get naked in front of her boyfriend!

    And then there's Ali's big moment - with the audience waiting and boyfriend Matt cheering her on, can she convert that confidence and wow the crowd on the catwalk?

  • Episode 4

    Gok meets his biggest challenge yet - Angela Morgan. Although she's confident and has a successful career as a university lecturer - she thinks her body is unattractive and flabby. At 59, and after 38 years of marriage, she's single once again and looking for a new love. But she's not had much luck finding that Prince Charming because she insists on hiding her fabulous hourglass figure beneath boring and shapeless black ensembles.

    Angela has major concerns about baring it all and despite being married for nearly four decades, she wouldn't want her husband to see her in her underwear - never mind in the buff! She's got terrible body confidence - blaming her bod for the split. With her self-esteem at an all time low, she needs a body image boost to get her back on track. She can't stand her bingo wings and tummy, so she's decided to don unflattering clothes to cover up. Luckily Gok's got a particularly sharp pair of scissors reserved for this kind of outfit.

    Angela has discovered a passion for ballroom dancing, but the lack of a partner leaves her warming up the bench as she waits to be paired up, and instead of being whisked away by a handsome prince, she ends up waltzing with the toad!

    Gok's mission is to put a spring back in Angela's step and unleash the foxy brunette from within. To do this the Gokfather must help Angela fall back in love with her body. With her arms being her biggest hang-up, Gok invites a group of bodacious babes to show Angela that her arms aren't as big as she thinks - in fact, hers are the smallest among the Gokettes!

    Gok gets Angela plastered over a row of phone boxes in her hometown, and it's just the wake up call that Angela needs to realise she's hot property. With that Gok shock out of the way, it is now time to re-jig that drab mannish wardrobe of hers and turn her into a proper hourglass honey.

    Gok becomes the Edward Scissorhands of fashion as he rips through Angela's dowdy outfits. He snips away the sleeves she used to hide her arms, and cut up those casual clothes that made her look stumpy - revealing a fabulous shape and a pair of sexy pins.

    Angela finally decides to ditch those washed out t-shirts and jackets and hits the high street in search of the perfect outfits. But of course she won't need any of those for her al fresco photo shoot - a massive breakthrough for a woman who six weeks ago wouldn't get her kit off in front of anyone!

    Finally, the moment of truth has come for Angela. Now that she's realised that getting older shouldn't be a fond farewell to looking and feeling sexy - can she strut her stuff and rule the runway?

  • Episode 5

    Makeover master Gok Wan meets slimming club leader Debbie Onions. Behind her confidence and gregariousness is a woman who has a thoroughly poor self-image. Having gone down from a super size 26 to a curvaceous size 16, Gok's girl thought that dropping five dress sizes would bring an end to her lifelong body hatred, but it didn't work out that way. She is still horrified by what she sees in the mirror.

    At 44 and still single, Debbie's biggest body hang up is her midriff. To hide her problem areas she drowns her curves with dowdy, oversized and unflattering clothes. She needs Gok to help her beat that bad body image, and luckily our man has a plan and the tools to affect a tremendous transformation, re-introducing Debbie to her fabulous figure.

    Gok wants to show his girl that the image she sees in her head is a world away from reality, so he enlists the help of his bevy of beauties whose midriffs range from a slim 36 inches to a voluptuous 40. At 37 inches, Debbie's is the second smallest but by placing herself right at the end of the line up, she thinks she's got an extra 3 inches on her middle!

    To get her to start oozing with body confidence and sex appeal, the UK's foremost fashion expert first lets the public decide whether Debbie is buff or rough with a poster-sized Gok shock. And if that is not enough, Gok gets into her wardrobe and slices into the oversized drab clothes he fishes out, revealing Debbie's glamorous hourglass shape underneath. Now, he's successfully introduced Debbie to her bodylicious figure - it's time to hit the shops and liven up that boring wardrobe.

    With some tantalising threads and a sprinkle of Gok magic, he's got her appreciating herself once more. The woman who never left her sofa finally comes out of her cocoon and turns into a beautiful social butterfly. It seems like the right clothes have got her looking and feeling on top of the world.

    With no dull clothes in sight and some Gok-shaped TLC, Debbie is ready to bare all for a glam naked photo shoot - a great sign that she's ditched that negative body image of hers. This hourglass honey now knows how to work her curves - especially her fabulous frontage!

    Debbie's ultimate challenge is looming and with just some finishing touches remaining - will this fat fighter leader command the catwalk?

  • Episode 6

    Style master Gok Wan meets 26-year-old community worker Alison Howard. This body loather has got such a poor body image that she hasn't looked at herself in the mirror for years. When it comes to boys, working as a part-time bouncer doesn't do much for her chances, leaving her feeling more butch than beautiful. But that's something this single girl is desperate to change, so she enlists the help of the Gokfather.

    Alison's biggest body hang up is her bum. She thinks her juicy derriere looks big in everything. But with the help of Gok's bootylicious beauties, Alison realises that her bum isn't as big as she thinks it is...

    With that Gok shock out of the way, it's time for another one and this time it's in the form of a 10ft picture of Alison - bang in the middle of a busy town centre! They tell the Baron of Boobs exactly what they think of her body, and her bangers are a big hit out on the streets.

    To top things off, Gok goes for a wardrobe inspection and discovers an identical array of baggy, boyish and bland ensembles, so he decides it's time to get his hands dirty and take the scissors to her 'comfy' clothes - showing her the shape she's been keeping hidden all these years.

    Now Gok's introduced Alison to her waist, it's time they hit the high street and show her how to get her gorgeous hourglass figure working overtime. With a waist cinching belt, some hot high-heeled boots and a selection of stunning clothes, she is beginning to see that she's a proper girl and feel ultra feminine.

    With Alison acing the photo shoot sans clothes - will this bodacious babe pull off a show-stopping performance on the catwalk?

  • Episode 7

    Makeover guru Gok Wan meets council worker Lydia Rullow. Her magnificent pair of 36HHs rule her life. Bullied at school for having such a large frontage, she's still paranoid about them at the age of 23. As a result she hides her killer curves beneath shapeless mannish clothes, but enough is enough for this boobylicious diva and now, with a bit of Gok magic, she wants to transform into a sexy young woman.

    Her body issues don't stop with her boobs either - she hates her thighs and her belly. She can't bear to look at her reflection, but if she wants to unleash the sizzling sexpot from within, she's going to have to love her bod - especially those fabulous bangers. So in comes the Baron of Boobs - bevy of busty beauties to prove to her that big most definitely can be beautiful.

    And Gok lets folk from a buzzing city centre decide what they think about his girl's bod via a 62 ft high video screen! With that Gok shock out of the way, the style master decides to rifle through her wardrobe to find out what horrors she has lurking in her closet.

    It's then time for a nip and tuck from fashion surgeon Mr Wan at his studio. Just by chopping up her boyish clothes he's revealed her wonderful hourglass shape and he's proved to her that she can feel comfy and show off her best bits. Now she knows her shape, it's time to teach her how to dress it... so they hit the shops!

    It's mission completed and Gok's girl pulls off a sizzling photo shoot au naturel. With her racy red hot look, those bullies will surely be green with envy. Finally feeling foxy and feminine, will Lydia be able to flaunt her fab figure on the catwalk?

  • Episode 8

    Super stylist Gok Wan meets body loather Andrea Perret. At 46, she is desperate to be the same woman she was a decade ago and has lost sense of what she really looks like now. She copies the students' look to a T but the teeny bopper clothes and hair extensions are a massive costume job. It's time she ditched the teenage clobber and start dressing in high class ensembles.

    No one has seen her naked for years - not even her partner Jeff. Her biggest body hang up is her bum - she thinks it's massive - so it's time to get cheeky with the Gokettes and show Andrea where her bum belongs in the line up. It turns out her tush is smaller than most.

    And in true Gok style the people of Birmingham rate Andrea straight to her face by hoisting her semi-naked image sky high in the middle of her local shopping centre. With that out of the way, it's now time to tackle her one-dimensional teenage style wardrobe and kick those combats for good. Time to quite literally cut the crap!

    Gok and his girl go shopping for that re-vamp she¿s gagging for and she finally starts to see the sophisticated woman looking back at her in the mirror. With no trashy clothes in sight, Andrea works her curves and loves her new look.

    Primped and preened to perfection, Andrea rocks her naked photo shoot - she's said goodbye to mutton dressed as lamb and said hello foxy lady. Will this hottie handle headlining her very own catwalk?

  • Episode 9

    Style maestro Gok Wan is faced with a different and difficult task this week, as identical twins Jeannie and Suzy present him with a body-hater and body-rater with the same face!

    Jeannie is a full time mum of three who hates her body, and is always wishing that she could be more like her twin sis.

    Suzy is seen by Jeannie as a slimmer, sexier version of her former self. She feels that having her children has left her with saggy bangers and the body of an old woman! Stretch marks on her stomach are another big issue, but with 80% of the country having stretch marks, can Gok get Jeannie to love her lady lines?

    The twins are best friends, but now lead very different lives and Suzy feels that the comparison is unfair. Suzy loves her sexy body, and would love to see Jeannie out of her jeans, trainers and baggy jumpers and into something much less mumsy.

    Jeannie's husband of 10 years, James, agrees and admits that he rarely sees his beautiful wife in anything other than her sisters hand me downs! Can Gok get this sexy moma to love her body again?

  • Episode 10

    Rachel is the ultimate body hater and feels more like a bloke in drag than the buxom beauty that she is!

    At 5'10" and 1/4, Rachel thinks she towers above everyone else and that her size 14 body is stocky and manly. This nubile nurse hides her figure away in the most unflattering clothing, choosing shapeless jumpers, t-shirts and baggy jeans to swamp those all woman curves. She feels unfeminine and unsexy, and constantly puts herself down to her family and friends.

    With the big 40 fast approaching, Rachel desperately wants to be at peace with her body. She rarely goes out with partner Adrian; often refusing to leave the house as thinks she looks so dreadful. She won't even marry him for fear of what she will look like on the big day!

    Can Gok get this nurse to love her sexy shape and turn her attitude around with a little patience and a few Gok shocks?

  • Episode 11

    Nicki has been single for over two years, and hasn't let anyone see her naked for just as long. This Bedfordshire babe hates her tummy so much that she dons shapeless t-shirts and is terrified at the thought of anyone seeing her naked. Nicki doesn't even own a full-length mirror so has no idea what she actually looks like!

    Nicki's friends have finally had enough of her body hating ways and her obsession with her mouth-watering middle. This gal needs to see what she has really got and learn to love it. Will Gok ever be able to convince her of the naked truth?

  • Episode 12

    Gok meets former beauty queen Claire Osgood. Back in the early 80s Claire used to strut her stuff in front of hundreds in nothing more than a skimpy swimsuit - but not any more.

    This former Miss South Sea beauty now hates her magnificent 36E bangers and is convinced that she is unfeminine and unattractive. She's thrown herself into being a good mother and wife, but managed to forget about herself along the way.

    Claire's daughters know that they have a pretty mummy but now they want her to be a yummy mummy too. Can Gok return this South Sea siren to her glory days and get her back onto that catwalk?

  • Episode 13

    In a first for How to Look Good Naked, style guru Gok Wan surprises unsuspecting Jenny with her shock nomination. This gal has a size 8 figure that most women would kill for, but this super skinny babe hates her body and her lack of boobs so much that she drowns it out by wearing her partner's oversized clothes.

    Following the birth of her two children, Jenny's baps have lost all of their bounce and she hasn't worn a bra for over 4 years! This skinny stunner is so ashamed of what she looks like, that she doesn't own a full length mirror and can't even bear to look at her own face.

    With instant access to partner Simon's wardrobe, Jenny can easily swamp her tiny frame in his oversized hoodies and jeans - but no more. Gok is in for a double whammy this week as he shows both Simon and Jenny what to wear to fit their svelte frames and hopefully banish that joint wardrobe for good.

  • Episode 14

    Drama student Clare gets a surprise visit from her very own Fairy Gokfather. This budding actress from Billingshurstloathes her legs, berates her boobs and detests her derrière. She hides her bootylicious figure under unflattering, shapeless, clothes and refuses to get her legs out.

    Clare suffers from such a lack of confidence in her appearance that it has stopped her from following her dream for the past 14 years, but not anymore! She has already completed a part time drama course but now wants to turn her hobby into her living, and is applying for a place at drama school.

    To make it in the tough theatrical world, this gal needs to learn to love her bod and have so much confidence that she treats life like one big stage. So it's now down to style siren Gok Wan to turn this frumpy student into the fizz of showbiz.

  • Episode 15

    Aunty Gok is on hand with a little TLC and some fab style advice for our wannabe blushing bride Kelly.

    After being diagnosed with breast cancer at only 31, this once outgoing and fun loving gal had to put her life and dreams on hold. Although she has coped well with the treatment, the mastectomy of her left breast has left Kelly no longer recognising her own body.

    With her confidence shattered, this luscious lady now only dresses to hide her chest and disguise her body. Kelly's wedding plans have been put on hold indefinitely too, as she feels unattractive and believes that she can no longer be a beautiful bride.

    Can Gok get this brave babe to love and accept herself again, and even get her to walk up the aisle feeling like a million dollars?

  • Episode 16

    Gok looks at some of his favourite How to Look Good Naked transformations. Here he catches up with Lucy Govan.

  • Episode 17

    Gok catches up with Lisa Mayall and it turns out she's still buzzing.

  • Episode 18

    Gok Wan returns to see whether the women whose confidence he boosted are still riding high a year on. In this How to Look Good Naked revisit Gok hooks up again with Helen Thompson.

  • Episode 19

    Gok Wan meets up again with former bouncer Alison Howard. He helped her find her feminine side, but some time down the line is she still tending to her girly grooming?

  • Episode 20

    Gok revisits teacher Becky Newman who hated her big bum. Gok got her shaking her booty down his catwalk, but will Becky still be loving her derriere?

  • Episode 21

    Gok hooks up again with ballet teacher Sonya Pettigrew. She hated her body and it was ruining her relationship until Gok encouraged her to love her shape, giving her the confidence to go naked.

How to Look Good Naked synopsis

Gok Wan presents the inspirational fashion series that shows women how to look fantastic with their clothes on or off no matter what their body shape - and all without a surgeon's scalpel in sight...

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