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Heston's Top 10 Tips for Chocolate

Melt it, mould it, crystalise it or just scoff it. Heston's top tips will ensure your chocolate's heavenly every time.

1. You can't rush chocolate - you have to seduce it. Melt it gently in a bain-marie, taking care that the bottom of the bowl doesn't touch the water, and stir it continuously so it melts evenly.

2. Beware of water! The tiniest splash can make melted chocolate seize up and go lumpy.

3. For truly silky ganache, mix 50% warm cream into 50% melted chocolate, adding a third of the cream at a time.

4. Chocolate doesn't like fluctuations in temperature or humidity, so store it wrapped and in an airtight container to avoid white spots on the surface.

5. Add a little Heston flair to your chocolate gateau with an exploding popping candy base.

6. Embrace power tools! The easiest way to remove a frozen dessert from a mould is with a blowtorch, while a domestic paint sprayer filled with melted chocolate and oil is a great way to get a velvety finish on your gateau.

7. A pinch of salt in your hot chocolate removes the bitter taste from bitter dark chocolate.

8. Chocolate works with some surprising flavours - from ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon to chilli, basil, rosemary, blue cheese and caviar. Don't be afraid to experiment!

9. Crystalise chocolate by mixing it in a pan of water and sugar at 140 degrees. This makes the delicious edible chocolate soil to top Heston's flowerpot tiramisu.

10. Get sloshed! To empty a bottle of wine quickly, up-turn the bottle and spin it as the vortex will help pull the liquid out (this may not be a chocolate tip but it's useful all the same).