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Heston's Top 10 Tips for Cheese

To brie, or not to brie... From marvellous macaroni to the stretchiest fondue in the world, learn how to cook cheese the Heston way.

1. For the perfect cheese sauce, don't start with a roux! It can end up gloopy and mask the cheese flavour. Instead, start with a flavourful base of reduced white wine and chicken stock, then chuck in a hard cheese rind and leave it to infuse.

2. Dust your cheese in cornflour before you melt it for a sauce or fondue. It acts as a protective coating, preventing the fat and protein in the cheese from going clumpy.

3. Don't overheat your cheese! Add the cheese to your sauce when it is hot, but not boiling - this stops the fat being squeezed out of the cheese, keeping your sauce smooth.

4. Finish off your sauce with some cream cheese, for a silky smooth texture.

5. Not all cheeses have the same melting point. Goat's cheese doesn't release fat when heated, so it stays solid, while other cheeses, like brie, turn to liquid very quickly.

6. Don't skim the starch off your pasta when it cooks. Leave it on and it'll thicken the sauce nicely for your macaroni cheese.

7. For sublime cauliflower cheese, use cauliflower cooked in three different ways to add texture, and truffle oil for a burst of fragrant flavour.

8. Acidity prevents cheese from clumping. For the stringiest fondue ever, use young, rubbery cheeses and add white wine and lemon, then grab a whisk and beat the cheese vigorously, until the fondue thickens and turns stretchy.

9. Blue cheese and chocolate can be best friends - honest. Make Heston's potted stilton and serve it on chocolate biscuits, drizzled with port reduction.

10. Cold-smoke your cheese in a barbecue using ice and a blowtorch, to add extra flavours without melting it.