How I Met Your Mother

    • Episode 1 - The Best Man

      While Barney prepares for his wedding to a mystery bride, he and Ted reminisce about Punchy's wedding. And Robin considers telling Barney she has feelings for him.

    • Episode 2 - The Naked Truth

      Marshall lands his dream job but worries if his past indiscretions will cost him the role. Meanwhile, Ted can't decide who to bring to the Architects Ball.

    • Episode 3 - Ducky Tie

      Ted tries to make amends with an ex-girlfriend he cheated on during their relationship.

    • Episode 4 - The Stinson Missle Crisis

      Robin assaults a girl who is out to ruin Barney's relationship and is forced to begin court-mandated therapy sessions as punishment.

    • Episode 5 - Field Trip

      When Marshall witnesses his boss's soft approach in settling with a powerful company, he takes matters into his own hands. Ted takes his class on a trip.

    • Episode 6 - Mystery vs History

      Ted shocks his friends by going on a date without researching the woman on the internet beforehand. Lily and Marshall find out the sex of their baby.

    • Episode 7 - Noretta

      The gang realise that their partners bear some resemblance to their parents. Meanwhile, Barney and Nora's romantic evening is ruined by a string of disasters.

    • Episode 8 - The Slutty Pumpkin Returns

      Ted finally meets the mystery girl who attracted his attention by wearing a pumpkin costume at a Halloween party 10 years previously.

    • Episode 9 - Disaster Averted

      Barney's desperate to get rid of the ducky tie and even offers up a slap in exchange for being allowed to remove it.

    • Episode 10 - Tick Tick Tick...

      Robin and Barney feel guilty about their liaison. Their guilt is compounded when they go on a work cruise together with their partners.

    • Episode 11 - The Rebound Girl

      Ted and Barney plan to adopt a child together because as men they feel they understand each other better than a man and a woman ever could

    • Episode 12 - Symphony of Illumination

      Marshall is determined to decorate his house with the most spectacular Christmas lights display.

    • Episode 13 - Tailgate

      On New Year's Day, Marshall is at the cemetery to visit his father's grave, where he ponders about some of his friends' New Year's Eve celebrations.

    • Episode 14 - 46 Minutes

      Marshall and Lily have officially moved to the suburbs, but are being pushed to their limits by Lily's father Mickey, who has been living with them.

    • Episode 15 - The Burning Beekeeper

      Lily and Marshall throw a housewarming party at which Lily's father Mickey causes consternation by admitting he is keeping bees in the basement.

    • Episode 16 - The Drunk Train

      Barney persuades Ted to join him on the 'drunk train', the last night train from Manhattan to Long Island, where there are many chances to pick up women.

    • Episode 17 - No Pressure

      Ted tells Robin that he loves her just as she is setting off on her trip to Russia. Barney makes a discovery about Marshall and Lily when he snoops on them.

    • Episode 18 - Karma

      Barney thinks the way that Quinn is manipulating him is payback for the way he has treated women in the past. Ted is still upset about Robin moving out.

    • Episode 19 - The Broath

      Barney tries to persuade his friends to meet Quinn and get to know her properly. However, Ted is convinced that Quinn is only after Barney's money.

    • Episode 20 - Trilogy Time

      When Barney and Quinn start living together, Barney's reluctance to throw out his old possessions makes the gang doubt his faith in the relationship

    • Episode 21 - Now We're Even

      Marshall is astounded when he discovers that Lily has had an erotic dream about Ranjit. Barney's attempts to take Ted's mind off Quinn's stripping have unexpected consequences.

    • Episode 22 - Good Crazy

      Despite pretending to play it cool, Barney is plagued by jealousy as a result of his girlfriend Quinn's occupation as a stripper and he attempts to persuade her to switch careers

    • Episode 23 - The Magician's Code - Part One

      Lily goes into labour while Marshall is in Atlantic City, so Ted and Robin try to distract her from the painful contractions by telling her amusing stories from the group's past

    • Episode 24 - The Magician's Code - Part Two

      Robin struggles to take a perfect photograph of baby Marvin to feature in the birth announcement