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This comedy about five friends living in New York City takes place in a continual flashback narrated by the future Ted telling the story of the erstwhile Ted's love life

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This comedy about five friends living in New York City takes place in a continual flashback narrated by the future Ted telling the story of the erstwhile Ted's love life

Series 4 Summary

The fourth series kicks off with the fallout from Ted's impromptu marriage proposal to Stella (Sarah Chalke) when Ted, questioned by Marshall, realises that he actually knows very little about her. Meanwhile, Barney makes a shock confession to Lily which looks set to change his outlook on life.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 1 - Do I Know You?

    Ted inadvertently nearly kills Stella by putting peanuts in her dinner, not knowing she has an allergy, and realises he know very little about her.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 2 - The Best Burger in New York

    Lily is worried about Marshall who is losing hope on finding his dream job and spending his days wandering around his flat in his underpants.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 3 - I Heart NJ

    Ted is sick of having to take long trips to New Jersey to see Stella and is aghast when she tells him she wants to live there once they marry.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 4 - Intervention

    Ted prepares to move out of his shared flat with Lily and Marshall and to New Jersey to live with Stella. On his way out, Ted causes an argument with Marshall over an outstanding bill for the flat. Meanwhile, the gang recall past disagreements within the group.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 5 - Shelter Island

    Stella's sister is jilted just before her wedding. Angry at the amount of money spent, Stella offers for she and Ted to buy her wedding from her so that her sister won't lose out financially. Both Stella and Ted's old flames turn up at the wedding. Will they get married?

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 6 - Happily Ever After

    Ted's friends are worried that he isn't confronting his feelings about Stella and their broken relationship. They go out for dinner and upon finding Stella in the same restaurant, Ted ducks under a table and encourages his friends to do the same to avoid speaking to her. Later, Ted goes after Stella to talk about the break up but gets angry when he hears that she's moving to New York for Tony.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 7 - Not a Father's Day

    Barney is so relieved to discover that a woman he slept with isn't pregnant that he creates a new holiday; Not a Father's Day. Lily and Marshall discuss having a child. Marshall is keen but Lily is unsure. Ted and Robin fall out but later reconcile when Ted offers her a place to stay while she looks for a new flat.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 8 - Woooo!

    Robin is still unemployed and later makes friends with a new group of single girls, nicknamed 'Woooo! girls' . Barney convinces his boss to hire Ted to re-design his office building.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 9 - The Naked Man

    Robin has a blind date with a man who tries his signature move on her, which involves him surprising dates by getting naked in the hope they'll take pity on him and have sex. He claims to have a success rate of 66%. Ted, Lily and Barney all try out the move - with varying results.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 10 - The Fight

    Ted and Barney get involved in a fight at their local bar. Ted has never experienced one and Barney wants to impress Robin who gushes about 'fight scars' being hot. Their friend Doug does all the fighting but allows Barney and Ted to take credit for the fight in front of Robin. Later, this backfires when the losers sue Ted, Barney and Doug and Ted and Barney are forced to admit to Robin they had no involvement.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 11 - Little Minnesota

    It's Christmas time and both Marshall and Robin are feeling homesick in New York. Ted's immature younger sister Heather arrives in the city. Ted has been trying to keep Heather and Barney apart because he fears they will be bad influences on each other. Barney and Heather prove Ted wrong and Ted is forced to admit that his sister has grown up.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 12 - Benefits

    Ted and Robin start having casual sex to end domestic conflicts such as Robin never taking the rubbish out or leaving empty bottles of milk in the fridge. Barney tries to resolve those issues so that they will stop sleeping with each other and finally confesses to Ted that he loves Robin. Ted tells Robin that they have to stop having casual sex. Marshall, meanwhile, feels uncomfortable about using the bathroom at work.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 13 - Three Days of Snow

    Lily comes home from a trip to Seattle but a blizzard halts her return and threatens her tradition of meeting Marshall at airports after a work trip. Elsewhere, Ted and Barney offer to keep watch over the bar at MacLaren's while awaiting their dates.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 14 - The Possimpible

    Robin receives a notice saying she must find working within seven days or will be deported back to Canada. She has no success at an interview for a news reader because she can't think of a suitable way to sign off the programme. Barney helps Robin create a video which impresses a TV channel into giving her a job. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang discuss the achievements on their CV which have nothing to do with their current careers. Lily's CV includes her hot-dog eating title.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 15 - The Stinsons

    The gang suspect Barney has a secret girlfriend when he turns down an attractive woman and they decide follow him home. Once there, they discover he has hired an actress and a child actor to pretend to be his wife and child in front of his mother who he thought would be happy to think her son had settled down.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 16 - Sorry, Bro

    Lily and Marshall are dismayed when they hear that Ted is meeting up with his college girlfriend Karen who they find pretentious. Barney, meanwhile, plays a prank on Marshall.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 17 - The Front Porch

    Karen discovers another woman's earring in Ted's bed and breaks up with him. Ted finds out that Lily planted the earring so that Karen and Ted would split up. Moreover, he discovers that Lily has previously covertly meddled in his relationships. Meanwhile, Barney and Marshall debate the merits of pjamas.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 18 - Old King Clancy

    Marshall and Barney learn that the Goliath National Bank have changed their minds about building a new office and decide to keep the news from Ted as his company were due to design the new premises. Elsewhere, the gang are intrigued by Robin's love life.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 19 - Murtaugh

    Barney is banned from playing Laser quest. Ted tells him he's too old to play the game anyway and Barney discovers that Ted has been writing a list - the Murtaugh list, in honour of the Lethal Weapon character Robert Murtaugh - which states the things the gang are too old to do.

    Barney sets out to prove Ted wrong and performs every entry on the list. Meanwhile, Marshall's tough streak comes out during a basketball game and Lily realises that he's turning into his father.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 20 - Mosbius Designs

    Ted loses his job and decides to set up his own architecture company in his and Robin's apartment. Barney tells Marshall how he feels about Robin.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 21 - The Three Days Rule

    Ted's friends pressure him into waiting three days before calling Holly, a girl he likes, and asking her out on a date. Ted's plans are scuppered by Barney.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 22 - Right Time Right Place

    Barney is desperate to reach his target of sleeping with 200 hundred women but Robin questions the validity of some of the women on the list after seeing that one woman is mentioned twice. Meanwhile, Marshall addresses his addiction to graphs, Robin has food poisoning and Ted struggles to get his business off the ground.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 23 - As Fast as She Can

    Ted bumps into Stella and Tony on the street. Tony turns up at Ted's flat determined to assuage his guilt for Stella choosing him over Ted. After chatting, Tony makes some big decisions about his relationship.

    Elsewhere, Barney tries to get a speeding ticket after hearing that Marshall and Robin have both talked themselves out of paying the fine.

  • How_I_Met_Your_Mother series four

    Episode 24 - The Leap

    Ted stays up all night to work on a pitch to rescue his fledging business. Marshall coaxes him to go to the roof where he's laid on a surprise party for Ted's 31st birthday but before he reaches the top, he's attacked by the goat that Lily rescued. Ted's promptly taken to hospital where he has a career epiphany.

    Elsewhere, Barney prepares to tell Robin how he feels about her and Marshall considers leaping from the building to a neighbour's roof.

How I Met Your Mother synopsis

This comedy about five friends living in New York City takes place in a continual flashback narrated by the future Ted telling the story of the erstwhile Ted's love life

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