How I Met Your Mother

    • Episode 1 - Wait for It...

      Robin shows up with a new date Gael (guest star Enrique Iglesias) which prompts Ted to move on and date fun-loving Amy (guest star Mandy Moore).

    • Episode 2 - We're Not from Here

      Barney and Ted assume that Gael's success with women is because he is foreign and has an accent, and so pretend to be tourists to attract women.

    • Episode 3 - Third Wheel

      Two women are interested in Ted and both want to go back to his flat, which leaves Barney seething. And Robin misjudges her style before going on a date.

    • Episode 4 - Little Boys

      Lily sets Robin up with the dad of a pupil. Though hesitant at first, Robin agrees and bonds with his son, making it difficult when she dumps his dad.

    • Episode 5 - How I Met Everyone Else

      Ted's new girlfriend becomes jealous that the story about how Ted and his friends met is better than how she met him.

    • Episode 6 - I'm Not That Guy

      Marshall is euphoric when he is offered a job at an environmental advocacy group but is persuaded to accept a job at a polluter-defending company.

    • Episode 7 - Dowisetrepla

      Lily and Marshall tire of Ted's intrusion on their personal space and begin to look for a new flat. Marshall loves the first flat he sees, but Lily can't afford to live there.

    • Episode 8 - Spoiler Alert

      Ted is delighted when he meets - in his view - the perfect girl. But his happiness soon fades when his pals point out her flaw. The gang decide to reveal each others' flaws.

    • Episode 9 - Slapsgiving

      Lily is in a flap as Thanksgiving approaches. It will be her first as Marshall's wife and the gang are planning to spend the holiday together

    • Episode 10 - The Yips

      The friends join a gym, where Barney sees Rhonda, the woman he lost his virginity to, while working out, and discovers that she didn't rate his performance in bed

    • Episode 11 - The Platinum Rule

      Ted's friends discourage him from going on a date with his tattoo removal doctor, despite his enthusiasm for the idea

    • Episode 12 - No Tomorrow

      Lily and Marshall host a game night in honour of St. Patrick's Day. Barney's determined to go out instead and coaxes Ted into coming with him.

    • Episode 13 - Ten Sessions

      Ted is turned down by his dermatologist Stella for a date and starts being pleasant to her receptionist Abby - Britney Spears - to get on her good side

    • Episode 14 - The Bracket

      Barney tries to track down a mystery woman who is giving him a bad reputation and warning other women to stay away from him. He narrows the list down to 64 women.

    • Episode 15 - The Chain of Screaming

      Marshall fears his angry boss's dressing down after he hands in a piece of work late. A series of mishaps leads a waiter to scream at Marshall.

    • Episode 16 - Sandcastles in the Sand

      Robin rekindles a spark with an ex-boyfriend who dumped her as a teenager

    • Episode 17 - The Goat

      Barney and Robin wake up in bed together and make a pact not to mention that they've had sex. Lily rescues a goat, while Ted celebrates his 30th birthday.

    • Episode 18 - Rebound Bro

      Ted tells Lily and Marshall all of Stella's secrets, but Stella finds out and dumps Ted. Barney is searching for a replacement best friend.

    • Episode 19 - Everything Must Go

      Abby - Britney Spears - reveals that she's the saboteur warning other women to stay away from Barney, but she and Barney make up over a shared dislike of Ted

    • Episode 20 - Miracles

      Ted is knocked over by a taxi after trying to break up with Stella. On his way to the hospital, Barney is also knocked over and breaks every bone in his body.