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Compelling and contemporary US thriller about a troubled and unorthodox CIA agent, starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin

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Compelling and contemporary US thriller about a troubled and unorthodox CIA agent, starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin

Series 1 Summary

Compelling, contemporary US thriller loosely based on Gideon Raff's Israeli television series Prisoners of War.

The drama centres on an American soldier taken prisoner during the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Left for dead, the soldier miraculously returns to the US after years in captivity.

Driven CIA officer Carrie Mathison, who is battling her own psychological demons, becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to his rescue was a setup - and that this national hero may be connected to an Al-Qaeda plot to be carried out on American soil.

  • Homeland: Nick Brody

    Episode 1 - Pilot

    When CIA agent Carrie Mathison's unorthodox investigation of threats to US security in Iraq leads to a serious diplomatic incident, she is stripped of her field status and assigned to a desk job.

    Although her investigation has been cut short, she hears from her Iraqi source that an American prisoner of war has been 'turned'.

    Carrie becomes convinced that this information relates to the return of Sgt Nicholas Brody, missing in action (and presumed dead) for eight years.

    After receiving intelligence on an al-Qaeda safe house in Afghanistan, Navy SEALS stormed the premises, killed 13 terrorists, and found Brody in a cell.

    The CIA treats the rescue as a hero's return from war, but the timing is too suspicious for Carrie to ignore.

    Already on thin ice, she breaks protocol to prove her theory that Brody was turned during his many years in captivity, is working for al-Qaeda, and now poses a major threat to his own country.

    Brody receives a hero's welcome at home, but it's clear that the years of torture and abuse at the hands of al-Qaeda have taken their toll.

    Physically scarred and emotionally plagued by harrowing flashbacks of his long incarceration, he struggles to reconnect with his wife and teenage children, who feel that a stranger has returned to them.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 2 - Grace

    Brody continues to struggle with life at home with his family. He suffers from post-traumatic stress, manifesting itself in violent nightmares and hallucinations, during which he unknowingly grabs on to a fearful Jessica.

    Shaken to the core by his visions, Brody resists media pressure to play the role of the returning war hero.

    Saul, who is still not convinced that Brody is working for al-Qaeda, manages to get Carrie four weeks' surveillance on the record so that she doesn't have to hide what she's doing any more.

    Carrie watches the footage of life in Brody's home closely, tries to understand what's going on in his mind, and concludes he's still struggling with the fact that he's become a terrorist.

    She gets a lucky break when an undercover CIA agent passes on a new piece of electronic evidence to her that she hopes to be able to connect to Brody.

    Meanwhile, Estes pushes Mike to get Brody in front of the cameras so his face can be used to remind everyone that the conflict is far from over.

  • Homeland: Nick Brody

    Episode 3 - Clean Skin

    The CIA is buzzing with excitement about the information gleaned from Carrie's asset Lynne, who is the girlfriend of Prince Farid of Saudi Arabia.

    Lynne has videotaped a meeting between Farid and Abu Nazir, after which Farid immediately travelled to the United States.

    Carrie believes he did so in order to fund a terrorist attack inside the country and she hopes to trace the money to a specific al-Qaeda operative, perhaps even Brody himself.

    Brody has agreed to a network interview with journalist Lawrence O'Donnell. A talk with the family is supposed to follow, but Dana makes it clear to Jessica that she isn't willing to pretend everything's perfect for the cameras.

    Lynne is growing increasingly nervous and tells Carrie she wants to escape from the situation. Carrie assures Lynne she'll be looked after, but when she tries to get approval for a protection team, Estes refuses permission.

    Not wanting to lose access to Farid, Carrie lies to Lynne, telling her that there are agents following her, guarding her safety at all times.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 4 - Semper I

    Brody continues to have hallucinations, some of them of Abu Nazir himself. Carrie sees his stunned reactions on the surveillance cameras, but doesn't know what's causing them.

    Since doing the television interview and becoming a media sensation, Brody has been asked to make further public appearances.

    In fact, his attitude has changed to such an extent that questions are being asked in high places about his mental stability, and the Vice President sends his closest adviser to check Brody out.

    Saul and Carrie meet Estes with the news that they know how Abu Nazir is financing his attack. Estes authorises an operation immediately, but secretly wonders where Carrie is getting her information.

    Meanwhile, with just 24 hours to go until the end of Carrie's four-week surveillance warrant on Brody, she still has no hard evidence that he's working for al-Qaeda.

    She needs more time, but Saul tells her in no uncertain terms to focus on Abu Nazir's money trail instead.

  • Homeland: Nick Brody

    Episode 5 - Blind Spot

    Afzal Hamid, the lone surviving terrorist from the compound in Afghanistan from where Brody was rescued, has been captured.

    Estes wants Saul and Carrie to find out everything he knows about Abu Nazir's plans to attack the US, but there's a catch: Estes wants Brody to help with the interrogation, noting that he's in a unique position due to his previous history with Hamid.

    At the interrogation, Brody is completely taken aback when he sees Hamid on the closed-circuit TV. Carrie explains that they hope Brody can provide information to unsettle him during the interrogation.

    Brody does his part, and it works perfectly; Hamid is ready to crack. In exchange, Brody wants a face-to-face with Hamid to show him that the tables have turned and that he didn't break him. He takes his request to Estes, pleading that he needs closure.

    Meanwhile, an email address provided by Hamid leads Carrie and Saul to a familiar doorstep.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 6 - The Good Soldier

    The director of the CIA berates Saul and Estes over Hamid's suicide and the fact that he managed to smuggle a razor blade into the safe house.

    Carrie suggests that someone on their side may have given it to Hamid and pushes for everyone who came into contact with him, including Brody, to submit to a polygraph test.

    Carrie is certain it was Brody who gave Hamid the razor, and when the director gives her the go-ahead for the polygraphs, she's convinced she'll soon have proof.

    Carrie and Saul continue to track Faisel, who they believe has skipped town after being tipped off. They are taken aback when they discover that he appears to have an accomplice: a woman who is possibly American.

    Brody prepares to deliver the eulogy at Tom Walker's funeral, but feels guilty about what he did to Tom while they were prisoners in Afghanistan.

    Meanwhile, the situation between Brody, Jessica and Mike comes to a head.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 7 - The Weekend

    Having escaped the shooting at the motel where Faisel was killed, Aileen continues her escape by buying a bus ticket to Mexico.

    The CIA now knows she was the lead and Faisel was simply her accomplice. They've tracked her down, and Saul wants to be the one to bring her in. He knows everything about her, and has a feeling that he can break her.

    Meanwhile, Brody has passed the polygraph test, but Carrie knows he's lying because he said he's never been unfaithful to his wife.

    Carrie and Brody meet up again, and their relationship becomes more complicated when they have a surprising heart-to-heart talk.

    Brody admits he can't talk to Jessica; she doesn't know who he is any more. He feels free with Carrie and, surprisingly, she thinks she may feel the same way, but a slip-up on her part may bring everything crashing down.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 8 - Achilles Heel

    Carrie and Saul scramble to locate Walker after discovering that he's alive and working with al-Qaeda. They must also deal with competing intelligence agencies' disagreements over the best way to chase him down.

    The FBI wants to enlist the public's help, but Carrie prefers a more personal approach, using the rogue sniper's love for his wife and son to draw him out of hiding.

    At a party hosted by Elizabeth Gaines, Brody and Jessica discover they are the unofficial guests of honour when a breaking news report reveals that Representative Richard Johnson has been caught in a 'sexting' scandal, putting his political future in jeopardy.

    As Walker struggles to elude the CIA's grasp, Brody chases down a mystery man who reveals a shocking truth behind his eight long years in captivity.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 9 - Crossfire

    After trying to sever ties with Abu Nazir, Brody re-lives his time in captivity and, painfully reminded of a tragic loss, recommits to his mission.

    Meanwhile, the frantic search for Walker continues as Carrie finds herself in the middle of a public relations nightmare.

    After the shooting at the mosque, the Imam refuses to give up information about Walker until the intelligence agencies admit full responsibility.

    However, when Estes shuts down Carrie's radical plan to get the Imam to talk, she finds some answers in an unexpected place.

  • Homeland: Nick Brody

    Episode 10 - Representative Brody

    Carrie and Saul have identified Tom Walker's contact in Washington DC, only to discover that he has diplomatic immunity. They must tread lightly, or risk triggering an international incident.

    When a sure-fire technique for turning the diplomat proves ineffective, Carrie must improvise to get him to cooperate.

    Meanwhile, Brody has been approached to run for disgraced congressman Richard Johnson's seat in the House of Representatives.

    Jessica hates the idea as the family has been through so much already, and they have so many secrets that she's terrified of the possible ramifications should they become public.

    If Brody intends to signal to Abu Nazir that he is on board for his deadly assignment, he must convince his family that running for public office is the best thing for everyone.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 11 - The Vest

    Carrie is hospitalised in the wake of the explosion that killed Al Zahrani in the heart of Washington DC. When Saul comes to retrieve her, he discovers her on a manic flight, postulating a-mile-a-minute about Abu Nazir.

    Saul finds himself charged with looking after his damaged friend and, by applying his sense of order to Carrie's chaotic theories, unearths what appears to be the heart of the terrorist mastermind's plot.

    Meanwhile, Brody has taken his family to Gettysburg to spend one last weekend with them before his congressional campaign begins.

  • Homeland: Carrie Mathison

    Episode 12 - Marine One

    Carrie is near catatonic and confined to bed while events swirl around her.

    Walker secures a perch for his mission, Brody makes his final preparations for the Vice President's policy summit at the State Department, and Saul continues to investigate the unsettling implications of Carrie's timeline.

    The pieces of a deadly puzzle are falling into place, but as she musters the energy to do what she needs to, Carrie may be too late to put it together.

    When the crisis finally hits, no one can foresee the outcome of Abu Nazir's long-awaited attack.

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Compelling and contemporary US thriller about a troubled and unorthodox CIA agent, starring Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin

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