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      Episode 12 - America First

      Dar scrambles to get his plan back on track. Saul and Keane deal with some fallout from her interview. Carrie realises that she and Quinn must act fast.

      Strong language and violent scenes from the startThis episode is subtitled51 mins
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      Episode 11 - R for Romeo

      Keane and Saul join forces to shut down the campaign of disinformation. Things come to a head for Carrie and Quinn. Max is detained by Dar.

      Strong language and scenes of graphic violenceThis episode is subtitled45 mins
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      Episode 10 - The Flag House

      Dar decides to play his hand. Meanwhile, Quinn revisits his past.

      Strong languageThis episode is subtitled50 mins
    • Episode 9 - Sock Puppets

      Carrie catches a break and Keane makes a plan. Meanwhile, Max goes undercover.

    • Episode 8 - Alt.Truth

      Carrie and Saul present some evidence to Keane. Meanwhile, Quinn tracks a mark.

    • Episode 7 - Imminent Risk

      Carrie gets bad news, and Saul makes a plan. Meanwhile, Quinn accepts his situation.

    • Episode 6 - The Return

      Carrie follows a lead, and Saul meets an old friend. Meanwhile, Keane takes a stand.

    • Episode 5 - Casus Belli

      Keane gets sidelined. Meanwhile, Carrie's work follows her home.

    • Episode 4 - A Flash of Light

      Carrie handles her client, and Saul's trip takes a turn. Meanwhile, Quinn decides to investigate.

    • Episode 3 - The Covenant

      Saul goes to Abu Dhabi and Carrie delivers some bad news. Meanwhile, Quinn senses something.

    • Episode 2 - The Man in the Basement

      Carrie and Reda must fight for their client, and Quinn battles against his new life. Meanwhile, Saul and Dar suspect that Keane has a secret.

    • Episode 1 - Fair Game

      Carrie Mathison is working at a foundation that provides aid to the United States' Muslim community, as a new president prepares for office