Series 1 Episode 5
First Broadcast: 7.05PM Sun 11 March 2012

The family are put through their paces, to get fit to face the future using some of the latest gadgets and gizmos, including electric bikes to get them out of their cars.

But, to test if they really work, the family are set some tough challenges: to take on pro-cyclists on Sheffield's notorious hills and do the weekly family supermarket shop on two wheels.

There are also computers to take over the jobs that humans used to do, from a prototype robot dietician that talks to you as it monitors what you eat and how you exercise, to a computerised version of a personal fitness coach to monitor and map your exercise regime.

Super-fit Joel also tests out scientifically designed post-workout suits created to get your body back in shape, promising 50% less fatigue!

In the newly-futurised bathroom there's a £5000 mirror that monitors your health by reading your weight, BMI and body fat percentage (as well as displaying news, weather and social media sites), and a toilet that gives you an intimate 'wash and blow dry'.

Meanwhile, the family are on a diet of 'super shakes' - tipped to take off in the next decade as smoothies did in the last one - complete with spirulina, raw cocoa and bee pollen. Can it help diabetic dad Tony control his blood-sugar level?

And there are more edible medicals, as the family experiment with Japanese sweets that promise to boost your collagen or even make your breasts grow.

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