Profile: Rick Spencer (Victor Gardener)

Rick Spencer (Victor Gardener)

Introducing Rick Spencer: the reluctant father to Jason and Robbie Roscoe. Flaky, hapless and terrified of commitment, it’s no surprise to Sandy and the older Roscoe boys that he disappeared from his sons’ lives when they were very young.

He’s not all bad though; what he lacks in reliability, responsibility and a decent credit rating, he makes up for with charm. He’s got tonnes of stories from his travelling days and he’s as sharp as a razor. People always love getting to know Rick before they realise just how hurtful he can be. Although he’s great to have around, don’t bother making plans with him; he’ll have run a mile, changed his address and found a new party to go to before you even ask for an RSVP.

He’s a hit with the ladies and always keeps his latest fling on the tip of her toes before running away when her back is turned. Rick definitely isn’t someone you’d bring home for a Sunday roast with your parents, but he’s sure to stir up Hollyoaks village.

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