Ol' Dirky boy! A genuine diamond geezer and, officially, the owner of the twinkliest eyes in Hollyoaks.

Dirk's always on the look out for any way to make a few quid, but, at the centre of all that is always his family - or what’s left of it anyway!

After finding out Dodger wasn’t his own and his real son Will turned out to be a psychopathic murderer he’s clung on to any form of a stable relationship he can find, even taking on Cindy’s kids, Holly and Hilton.

About David Kennedy: Something you may not have known about David Kennedy is that he was born David Mallett. Relation to Timmy? We're yet to ascertain. He's also appeared in loads of films and telly shows, including Ashes to Ashes, Trial and Retribution, Ultimate Force, The Bill, Waking The Dead, Reign of Fire and more. He's even been in a film with Steven Seagal, called Attack Force!