It's Prince's birthday and to celebrate he decides to go to a local party. Along with the help of Yasmine he manages to convince Tom to drive them, adding Alfie to the group they head off. But it's not long before the gang get lost and have to stop.

To make matters worse, Yasmine starts to get chest pains but everyone thinks she's faking until she collapses. Now they need to get to a hospital and fast, but with Tom's nerves kicking in and no one else with a license, will they manage to get her to safety?

Meanwhile, Hunter continues to get the wrong impression from Neeta and after trying to make a move, he's knocked back.

When Neeta agrees to keep his advances a secret, Hunter takes it as an opportunity and with a plan in mind he sets it in motion.

Stealing Sally's keys he plans a romantic night in for Neeta. She arrives home to see him waiting for her, with a candlelit dinner on the table.

But will she be impressed or angry at the risky stunt he's just pulled?