John Paul is stunned when Ste reveals that he thinks he and Harry are over. Ste wants to prove to John Paul that he’s romantic and recreates the day he proposed in a rowing boat.

John Paul and Ste reconnect as they reminisce about the old times and Ste prepares himself to break up with Harry.

Sienna is suspicious after seeing Joel hand over a bag of cash to Shane. She confronts Joel, and Warren also wants answers when he finds out Joel wants to leave the church.

Joel is stunned when he witnesses Sienna being abducted. But Warren’s not interested until he receives pictures of Sienna tied up.

Later on, Warren sees what Shane’s capable of and warns a worried Joel to stay away from him. Warren calls Prince looking for Shane.

Elsewhere, Leela gets rid of Cameron’s old biking gear, while Zack looks on longingly. Zack comes to Leela’s rescue when journalists start hounding her about Cameron. He then asks her on a night out with him.

Tegan and Courtney are confused by an angry outburst from Leela and think it’s about Daniel’s real father. Later, Tegan gives Zack hope about Leela.

Sally is mortified when Neeta catches her looking at a lonely-hearts column. Neeta is ecstatic when she finds out about an LGBT speed dating event at Nightingale’s and Sally agrees to go.