DS Armstrong convinces Cindy to do a talk about powerful women in Liverpool, but she has no idea she’s his next victim. Leela finds out about the trip and tries to warn Cindy, but she’s already alone at the hotel with Armstrong.

Cindy finds out the terrifying truth about Armstrong, after eventually getting in contact with Leela. She makes a break for it, but Armstrong is hot on her tail… Will she get away?

Scott gets a job at Price Slice, but it gets a bit too much for him when Simone leaves him on his own. He turns to Maggie, but he’s disheartened when she rejects him once again.

Later, Scott does a bit of snooping about on the Internet and finds out that Maggie’s son, Damon has a bar. He builds up the courage to go there and meet him, but Damon is blissfully unaware of who Scott is. After chatting, Scott opens up to him about his past, Damon gives him his number as a friend, unaware that Scott is actually his half-brother!

Elsewhere, Louis tries to get out of attending Daniel’s naming ceremony, but returns home to find Simone babysitting Daniel! Having a baby in the house gets too much for Simone, and her emotions start kicking in.

Later, Zack turns up at the naming ceremony to support Leela and become Daniel’s godfather, but he makes the bold move during his speech suggesting that the two of them move in together. Will Leela accept his offer?