This week Nick flips at Yasmine when she offends him, and his paranoia gets the better of him when he finds a trolling website targeting him. He goes to Tegan to vent his frustration, and she calms him down.

After finding a friend in Tegan, Nick ends up kissing her, but elsewhere his loyal girlfriend Holly tells Alfie that she’s going to defend Nick to the police.

Later on, Holly and Zack beg Lisa to let them throw a party on the Love Boat to cheer up Nick. Nick meets Holly at the Love Boat and tells her that the police have fresh evidence and Tegan spots them looking close.

Then Nick is horrified by the surprise party that Holly’s thrown for him and Leela is worried when scorned Tegan announces she wants to go to Nick’s party. Nick is furious with Holly.

It’s Warren’s birthday but he has his recent murder of Bart on his mind. He breaks into Sally and Neeta’s flat to retrieve Bart’s body from the attic, but the ladies return home and question what he’s up to.

Sienna thinks fast and invites them to Warren’s birthday party to get them out of the flat.

However, Sally has too much to drink and hurts her back while dancing. They take her home and are horrified when she tells them she’ll probably be on bed rest for a week. How will they get into the attic now?