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Sonny Valentine returns to Hollyoaks

Sonny Valentine

Hello 'Oaksters! We've got some exciting news for ya! Sonny Valentine is coming back to Hollyoaks. He'll be played by Aaron Fontaine (pictured above).

The last time he was saw the troublesome Sonny on our screens - between 2006 and 2007 when Devon Anderson was in the role - he was fleeing to Scotland after being arrested by his brother Calvin for shoplifting!

You'll get to see him in the New Year, when the character returns to the village - he's less of a bad boy now, his brother being shot sent him down the straight and narrow - to shake things up in the McQueen household. Cool, huh? We really are Fontaine of Knowledge (soz!) here at Hollyoaks HQ.

Anyway, Digital Spy recently caught up with Aaron and asked him some questions about the recast role. Here's what he had to say...

What was your first day on set like?

"This is my first TV job. I've done a lot of theatre before and I've also done film, but this is my first time doing TV.'

"You do get thrown in at the deep end and you have to swim. There are such great actors working on the show, so it raises your game naturally to keep up with the team."

Who are you enjoying working with?

"I'm working a lot with Gemma Merna who plays Carmel, but to be honest with you, the whole cast are really nice. When I got here, everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Everyone's friends with everyone.

"I've also been working with Jen Metcalfe (Mercedes), who's in my storyline a lot. She's a really cool girl as well."

Does Sonny want to get to know his niece Kathleen-Angel?

"Definitely. Kathleen-Angel is really the last bit of his brother [Calvin] that Sonny has got left. Every time he looks at her, all he sees is his brother that he never got to say goodbye to, so it really hurts him."

You can read Aaron's full interview with Digital Spy here.

Keep watching Hollyoaks on Channel 4, 6.30pm, Monday-Friday, to find out how Sonny Valentine will arrive back in the village.

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