Can you tell us what happens in Hollyoaks this week?

So this week Cindy and DS Armstrong head to Liverpool for a conference about powerful women, which Armstrong has convinced Cindy to do. When they get there Cindy discovers there is no conference and is worried her stalker has set her up. Armstrong lies and pretends his colleagues have advised them to stay in the hotel, but really this was his plan all along. He ends up freaking Cindy out when he tries to kiss her and when she runs into the bathroom she discovers lots of missed calls from Leela. When she calls her back, Leela warns her that Armstrong is bad news and tells her to get out of the hotel as quickly as possible.

Does Cindy have any idea about what Armstrong is really like?

No – Cindy thinks that Armstrong is her guardian angel and the best lodger ever, she really trusts him. That’s really why she goes to this talk with him in Liverpool, because she just doesn’t suspect a thing!

Is there no part of Cindy that questions a night away with a man on her own?

Well it is Cindy [laughs]. She doesn’t question it because they have separate rooms. She sees Armstrong as her protector against this stalker, which she doesn’t know is actually him. He’s also a detective so she doesn’t see him as a threat. I also don’t think she sees him in a romantic sense either. He makes her feel important and he is just coming along for moral support, so she doesn’t question anything.

What goes through her mind when she receives the call from Leela?

I think it’s a rollercoaster of panic. There are loads of missed calls and Leela reveals that Armstrong isn’t who he says he is. Previously before the phone call, Armstrong has tried to kiss Cindy, he’s spilt wine all over her dress and she’s stuck in this bathroom in the hotel. She can’t make any logical sense at this point; she just panics and knows she needs to get out of there.

Obviously, in Cindy’s eyes Leela is a thief so why does she choose to believe her this time?

Leela is more than just what Cindy thought she was. She doesn’t think she’s going to lie in this instance and Cindy discovers Milo is with Leela, so that makes it more convincing. Leela has been through this already and I don’t think she’d have any reason to lie.

What’s it been like working with Andrew Hayden-Smith in these episodes?

Ahhh, I love Andrew. We got on so well and my best friend is Ross who is also a Geordie, so I had a replacement for a bit with Andrew. We always seemed to end up on scenes together on Fridays so we used to cheer each other up ready for the weekend.

Sarah Jane Dunn and Gary Lucy are back at Hollyoaks now, what’s it been like having them around again?

It’s a very nice sense of nostalgia when I see the pair of them. I mean with Sarah it’s like she’s never left - when she comes back it just feels normal. It’s nice having my friend back and also great seeing Gary who hasn’t changed a bit!

How does it differ being part of Hollyoaks now compared to when you were first in it?

I think age and experience is the big thing that differs. When you’re younger you have no responsibilities – we were all just young and care free. We all have families now and we do this job for more than just ourselves and it’s great, because you also get a sense of being a big kid at work as well. I still feel like I’m 18 some days!