Hi Anna, can you fill us in on what happens in this week’s Hollyoaks?

So this week we see that Joel is feeling really guilty about keeping Bart’s murder a secret. It’s this along with the temptation of Cleo that drives him back to drugs. Warren finds out and absolutely flips out. He is furious with Joel for being so stupid but ends up putting the blame onto himself. Later, Sienna and Joel stumble across this video on Warren’s laptop that he’s made for the twins where he is saying he is no good, he’s not a good dad and he’s driven Joel back to drugs. He's made lots of mistakes so it's time to hand himself in. He thinks that doing this will help Joel and also help the babies because he believes they are better off without him. Obviously, Sienna is not going to let it happen so she heads off to try and convince him that they all need him and he will be a good dad. But we will have to see if she is successful and if she will be able to stop him…

What is going round Sienna’s mind when she is trying to convince Warren to not hand himself in?

Well as we’ve seen, Sienna is so desperate for this family to work out. She’s lost all her family so she is so determined to make it work with Warren. She is panicking and she knows this is the one shot to convince him to come back and be there for his family.

Do you think Sienna is the right person for Warren in these situations?

I think so. She is the best at talking him round because she has so much experience of being in these situations herself. She’s messed up and has made so many mistakes so she is in a good position to say all of that to Warren. She can help make him think about other things and the people around him to try and stop him making some crazy decisions. So yes, I think she is a good balance for him.

@xHollyEndersx on Twitter asks: Out of the guys Sienna has been with, who do you think Sienna matched best with? I think Warren 100%

I think Warren is definitely her best match. They are such a good soap couple and have everything you could want in a soap couple and they never have a boring minute. But I also really had a soft spot for Trienna (Trevor and Sienna) because we saw a softer side to them both.

Do you think Warren and Sienna will ever just live happily ever after?

[Laughs] no! I sort of hope they don’t because I really like the kind of constant struggle between the two. When you’ve got two really big characters nothing is ever going to be straight forward, they’re always going to love each other but also battle each other. One will come out on top sometimes and then the other one will get the upper hand but that’s what makes them such exciting characters!

passeyempire on Instagram would like to know: If you could let Sienna have any super power, what would you give her?

I think the most useful super power for Sienna would be invisibility because she’s constantly having to hide behind things and she’s always snooping. So I think if she had invisibility it would just make life a lot easier for her.

What’s the best and worst thing about playing a pregnant character?

Best: People give you their seat even though they know you’re not pregnant. They just feel obliged. You also get lots of biscuits and nice things.

Worst: It’s coming up to summer and when it’s hot the fake baby bump is so heavy and warm and it’s really uncomfortable to wear.

ginganinja1999 on Instagram would like to know: What did you want to be as a child? And where in the world do you want to visit the most?

An actress – that’s all I ever wanted to be. Canada would be where I want to go to next. I have been watching Bates Motel which is set in British Columbia and I love all the lakes and the forests.

@missjsscnrmn on Twitter asks: Do you think they'll ever bring back or bring in new family for Sienna?

I don’t think there’s even any family left. Maybe down the line we will discover someone? But I suppose she will have her new little family soon.

As well as a huge storyline, you’re also nominated for a British Soap Award – how does that feel?

Amazing! It feels really great. I think being in the best actress category right now is really special because there are some amazing actresses in there. It’s nice when you’re busy and working all the time and you know people are enjoying the character and the stories.

What would it mean to you to win?

Ah, it would be crazy! I don’t think I can ever believe that I am going to win especially when you see all the really big names, so I haven’t dared think about it. But it would be out of this World for me.

What is your top style tip for the red carpet?

Wear what you actually like. It’s taken me a couple of years to actually get to that. You initially think about what other people say you should be wearing and what other people are wearing themselves and you try and fit in with that style, but the times I have been most comfortable are when I have picked the things I have liked and not worried about anyone else.