Council Flats Destroyed in 2014 Storyline

The council flat, demolished

Corr, that council flat’s been through a bit, hasn’t it? Firstly, it was blown apart in the 2013 Hollyoaks Blast and now it’s set to be destroyed by a mega wrecking ball* in a new year storyline due to air in January.

But it gets worse.

A lot worse.

‘Cos we can officially reveal: SOMEONE IS IN THE HOUSE.

Yep, we can’t give too much away, but we can confirm that Grace has got one of Freddie’s loved ones trapped in the about-to-be-demolished house and, if he wants to get them out before it is destroyed, he’s going to have to do something terrible; something that will push him to his limits... he's going to have to kill Mercedes McQueen on Grace's behalf.

Freddie Roscoe
Freddie Roscoe

But who’s in the house? Will they survive? And will Freddie go through with it? Well, you’ll just have to tune into Hollyoaks week beginning Monday, January 13 at 6.30pm on Channel 4, won't you?

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