Hollyoaks: Omnibus

  • Next on TV: Sun 22 Oct, 2.20am

    Mandy gets a loan to help Tony. Peri and Yasmine are shocked by what they discover about Lily. Zack tries to help Leela, who is struggling to cope. Glenn aids Jesse in his time of need.

  • First shown: Sun 15 Oct 2017

    Tony is devastated by some news, while Mac shows Damon and Brody who's boss. Glenn comes to Sienna's rescue. Myra is suspicious when Cleo and Joel decide to bring their trip to Tanzania forward.

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    Sun 8 Oct, 8.25am

    Milo opens up to Cindy as Lisa gets her hands on some incriminating evidence, while Tegan urges Courtney to take some time off when she is feeling unwell

    This episode is subtitled112 mins
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    Sun 1 Oct, 8.25am

    The Maaliks search for missing Yasmine; while Darren is worried about his family's safety, Mac decides that he and Neeta should go away; and Holly frets about Cleo when she sees her crying.

    This episode is subtitled112 mins
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    Sun 24 Sep, 8.25am

    Darcy turns to Adam for money again, Jesse proposes to Darcy in front of the family, Scott's lying gets out of hand, while Courtney and Jesse begin to bond

    This episode is subtitled112 mins
  • First shown: Sun 17 Sep 2017

    Lisa is still uncertain about being a surrogate, while Lily is devastated by future plans and begins to rebel, getting drunk with Prince

  • First shown: Sun 10 Sep 2017

    Ste's trial begins. Tony and Mike Barnes are brought to the stand, while Tegan is suspicious that Leah and Lucas are hiding something.

  • First shown: Sun 3 Sep 2017

    Cindy continues to be terrorised, and someone tries to break into the Cunninghams'. Hunter and Neeta prepare to go on a date in Mac's car. Tegan visits Ste, who gives her a letter for Ryan.

  • First shown: Sun 27 Aug 2017

    Darren plans to take Shane down, Brody is sabotaging Scott's plans, and Sienna tricks Warren. Kim and Farrah continue to sneak around, and Cindy receives a creepy phone call.

  • First shown: Sun 20 Aug 2017

    Darcy has Adam and Jesse on her side, much to Maxine's annoyance. Kim is at Sienna's side, while Grace is determined to get revenge on Darcy.

  • First shown: Sun 13 Aug 2017

    Cindy is alarmed over news of Armstrong, and Zack feels under pressure. Hunter gets caught red-handed, while Holly and Cindy are suspicious about Dirk's actions.

  • First shown: Sun 6 Aug 2017

    Yasmine goes a step too far with Lily, and Harry gives Ste something to live for. Leela and Zack spend the night at the Lovedays', while Dirk is worried about Cindy's mental state.

  • First shown: Sun 30 Jul 2017

    Grace prepares to take down her and Warren's blackmailer, while Alfie tries to help Lily and Prince. Sally surprises Neeta with a ticket to Ibiza, and Darren gets a blast from the past.

  • First shown: Sun 23 Jul 2017

    DS Armstrong convinces Cindy to do a talk about powerful women in Liverpool, while Leela tries to warn Cindy about him. Scott goes in search of his brother.

  • First shown: Sun 16 Jul 2017

    Granny Campbell wants Courtney to come back to Scotland, and Grace freaks Warren out. Darren and Nancy visit Kyle, but Nancy is worried about his welfare.

  • First shown: Sun 9 Jul 2017

    Myra is furious with Goldie's new idea, while Grace has another plan to get back at Warren. Cindy and Simone go head-to-head at the charity walkathon. Darcy continues to manipulate Jesse.

  • First shown: Sun 2 Jul 2017

    Hunter is devastated by Neeta's decision. Lily breaks down when Prince returns. Shane manipulates Cleo, and a new face arrives in the village.

  • First shown: Sun 25 Jun 2017

    Lisa and Tegan begin plotting together, while Marnie confides in Myra that she is furious with Mac again. Tegan and Misbah have a stressful encounter, while Neeta sees Lily up to no good.

  • First shown: Sun 18 Jun 2017

    Tom isn't ready to face his fears. Tony, Harry and Mercedes are in for a shock, while Mercedes and Diane come across some video footage taken by Scott and are stunned by what they discover.

  • First shown: Sun 11 Jun 2017

    Grace and Warren end up in a tricky situation, and Darcy is still playing games with Jesse. Esther spots a hooded figure watching her, while Adam and Maxine get a welcome home shock.

  • First shown: Sun 4 Jun 2017

    It's Nick's graduation but Holly is furious after recent news. Goldie's plans to oust Shane backfire. Sienna wants Warren to be more involved with her pre-natal routine.

  • First shown: Sun 28 May 2017

    Cleo and Joel share a moment as Prince and Hunter celebrate their birthday. There's some miscommunication between Hunter and Neeta, and the teens take a road trip to remember.

  • First shown: Sun 21 May 2017

    Joel returns, but Warren and Cleo are worried about his behaviour. Grace uses Goldie to get revenge on Warren. Zack gives Leela an ultimatum, and Cindy locks horns with Simone.

  • First shown: Sun 14 May 2017

    Darcy makes Adam question whether he should marry Maxine, while Simone is floored when Cindy announces that she's running against her for the local councillor position.

  • First shown: Sun 7 May 2017

    Mercedes and Lily support Scott, and Louis rethinks Simone's request. Darren and Tom's driving lesson takes a nasty turn, Maxine breaks big news to Darcy, and Nancy opens up to Darren.

  • First shown: Sun 30 Apr 2017

    Kathy and Zoe return for Amy's funeral, Ryan is comforted by Mike, and Joel is confused about his dad's whereabouts. Kyle asks Nancy for a favour and Darcy has bad news for Adam and Maxine.

  • First shown: Sun 23 Apr 2017

    It's Warren's birthday but he's distracted. The Pub of the Year judge arrives just as things start going wrong for Ellie, and Freddie is interviewed by the police.

  • First shown: Sun 16 Apr 2017

    Liam's fury grows and he has a plan for those closest to Grace. Lynette tries to cheer Scott up, Darren and Kyle meet, and Freddie puts Mercedes in an awkward position.

  • First shown: Sun 9 Apr 2017

    Myra is still blaming Sally for John Paul's departure and Leela is stuck in a love triangle. Maxine keeps important information from Adam, assuming he's chosen Darcy over her.

  • First shown: Sun 2 Apr 2017

    It's Amy and Ryan's wedding, but Ryan has also got their potential move to America playing on his mind, while Leela is put on the spot by a request from DS Armstrong

  • First shown: Sun 26 Mar 2017

    Scott picks up on Lily and Diane's tension, the Nightingales prepare for the relaunch at The Dog, Leela becomes more anxious about her stalker and Marnie convinces Mac to slow down.

  • First shown: Sun 19 Mar 2017

    It's the German-themed student night. Warren is ignoring Sienna but she makes a surprising confession to get his attention. Bart threatens Joel while Maxine gets a tip-off.

  • First shown: Sun 12 Mar 2017

    Harry organises a party but it doesn't go as planned. James asks John Paul for commitment, while Nancy tells her children about her MS.

  • First shown: Sun 5 Mar 2017

    The Nightingales prepare for a funeral. Esther gets trapped, and Grace begs Neeta to bring Curtis to her. Leela is horrified when she receives a threatening note in the post.

  • First shown: Sun 26 Feb 2017

    Ste turns to John Paul when he has a problem with Harry. Sienna sees Shane receiving a bag of cash, Joel witnesses an abduction, and Neeta helps Sally prepare for speed dating.

  • First shown: Sun 19 Feb 2017

    Nana and Bart McQueen return to the village, where Nathan makes an announcement. Myra thinks she's going into labour and is stunned by Sally's revelation.

  • First shown: Sun 12 Feb 2017

    Darren worries when Nancy and Courtney go head-to-head. John Paul talks to Diane about seeing Lily on a website that worried him. Mac tries to reassure Lisa, who is anxious about the past.

  • First shown: Sun 5 Feb 2017

    Goldie and the boys receive a surprise visit, while Amy is on a mission. Kim's surprise for Esther doesn't get the reaction she was hoping for.

  • First shown: Sun 29 Jan 2017

    Things take a sinister turn when Tegan makes a grim discovery. Nathan worries about his relationship, while Mac has something else on his mind. Simone panics when Zack goes missing.

  • First shown: Sun 22 Jan 2017

    Prince engineers it so that he and Lily are paired together for a science project. Ellie surprises Marnie at the hospital. Louis is intrigued by Tegan revealing that they're registering Daniel.

  • First shown: Sun 15 Jan 2017

    Ste wants to see his kids on his birthday. Adam finds out Liam is keeping secrets about Darcy. Nathan plans a cinema treat for Cleo in the Love Boat, and there's a burglary at The Dog.

  • First shown: Sun 8 Jan 2017

    Tom is guilt-ridden, and Sienna is being hassled by Joel. Freddie offers Ellie his apartment to move into. Marnie reveals a heart-breaking secret, and Diane brings her niece Lily to stay.

  • First shown: Mon 2 Jan 2017

    Sienna persuades Warren to bury Nico's ashes at the memorial garden, but when they arrive there's a fright in store. And on New Year's Eve there may be a proposal on the cards...

  • First shown: Mon 26 Dec 2016

    Sienna visits Joel at church but is left frustrated. Alfie decides to spend Christmas with Cindy, Cameron and Leela's wedding day arrives, and James and Scott play Christmas party games.

  • First shown: Sun 18 Dec 2016

    Nick catches Tegan deleting CCTV footage of Kim, and Grace finds stolen cash and an empty vodka bottle in Tracey's bag, and Ellie lands in hospital with Nick on duty.

  • First shown: Sun 11 Dec 2016

    Celine is terrified to find a hidden message, and Cameron is furious when Leela drops a bombshell. Nick and Tegan discover each other's secrets, and Tegan vows to help Cleo.

  • First shown: Sun 4 Dec 2016

    Warren and Ste team up against a common enemy. Goldie figures out Mercedes' plan, Lisa and Zack confront Prince about his accusations, and James makes John Paul a tempting offer.

  • First shown: Sun 27 Nov 2016

    Mac is furious about a surprise visitor, and Nick decides it's time to get Ellie off his back. Ste and Amy bond over a bad tan, and Prince and Hunter have their first day at Hollyoaks High.

  • First shown: Sun 20 Nov 2016

    Can John Paul persuade James to help free Diego from prison? Cameron makes a shocking discovery that he plans to use to his advantage, and Joel welcomes a newcomer to the church.

  • First shown: Sun 13 Nov 2016

    Cindy is panicked by the Osbornes' disappearance, Maxine is stunned by an unexpected offer, and Myra is completely floored by a surprise arrival

  • First shown: Sun 6 Nov 2016

    With her crimes exposed, the hunt is on for Nico. Will Sienna help catch her deadly daughter? The morning after the 'horror of Halloween', Freddie is faced with new responsibilities.

  • First shown: Sun 30 Oct 2016

    Mac is furious when he discovers Neeta's filed for divorce with James's help, while Myra is on the hunt for a new baby daddy. And things go from bad to worse for the Lovedays.

  • First shown: Sun 23 Oct 2016

    Mercedes is astounded when she receives news from the police, and is determined to get her man back, but Joanne is equally unwavering. Warren's plan for revenge panics Nicol.

  • First shown: Sun 16 Oct 2016

    TV stardom beckons for Leah, but chaos ensues when the adults can't behave themselves. Cameron tries to convince Courtney to stop searching for Lockie, but the police uncover a new lead.

  • First shown: Sun 9 Oct 2016

    Alfie sets up a green screen to take fake holiday snaps for Jade before her hospital appointment, and Marnie is speechless when she comes face to face with Cindy's sister Jude

  • First shown: Sun 2 Oct 2016

    Lisa persuades Ellie to come out to a Loft party to help get over Freddie; It's Mercedes and Celine's hen do; Liam suspects something is wrong with Celine; and a huge secret is revealed.

  • First shown: Sun 25 Sep 2016

    Desperate Esther allows Grace to help her, but can they solve the mystery of missing Kim? Jack's safety is compromised when he is forced to face his demons with someone from his past.

  • First shown: Sun 18 Sep 2016

    Marnie and Neeta agree to be civilised to each other, but can Neeta trust that Mac's issues are in the past? Grace is made unhappy by a new arrival and worries old secrets will be revealed

  • First shown: Sun 11 Sep 2016

    One day is seen from five different perspectives as the investigation into Patrick's death continues. DS Armstrong interrogates Maxine over Patrick's death, but she ends up in hospital...

  • First shown: Sun 4 Sep 2016

    With Mercedes' world falling apart, Diego tries his best to help her. Warren attempts to get Darren and Maxine to go into business with him, and the hunt for a killer begins...

  • First shown: Sun 28 Aug 2016

    Grace is furious and wants revenge, while Warren threatens Maxine and Darren. A family waits anxiously at the hospital, and Nico comes up with a plan to help Peri.

  • First shown: Sun 21 Aug 2016

    Marnie goes to extreme measures to stop anyone else finding out her secret. Alfie's health takes a turn for the worse. Nancy and Darren struggle in the aftermath of an accident.

  • First shown: Sun 14 Aug 2016

    Joe discovers Mercedes and Diego's secret texts. Joanne offers Joe her advice. Marnie scuppers Jade's plans to give Alfie a night to remember. Ellie and Freddie decide to move in together.

  • First shown: Sun 7 Aug 2016

    Diego's sister Maria shows up at the McQueens' place with a hidden agenda. Mac is arrested for assaulting Neeta. Cleo doesn't want a big 18th birthday celebration, but Lisa has other ideas.

  • First shown: Sun 31 Jul 2016

    It looks as though it's the end of the road for Maxine and Warren, but can Sienna tempt Warren to stay? Nico and Peri set off on a camping trip, which results in a dangerous situation.

  • First shown: Sun 24 Jul 2016

    Cleo gets closer to Nathan and advises him to forgive or forget Holly. Grace makes Esther an intriguing proposal. Peri continues her cruel campaign. Maxine opens up to her new man.

  • First shown: Sun 17 Jul 2016

    Ste is struggling as Cameron continues to lead him into temptation. Lisa is out for revenge when she overhears a conversation about herself. And there's trouble on the leavers' boat

  • First shown: Sun 10 Jul 2016

    Crafty Marnie calls for Mac's help when there's a suspected break-in at Nightingale's restaurant. John Paul is itching to see James. Jesse's latest love interest could be trouble.

  • First shown: Sun 3 Jul 2016

    The McQueens prepare for Pete's trial, and Alfie makes a decision about his relationship with Jade. James's former lover arrives, and Liam and Jesse come up with a scheme for The Loft.

  • First shown: Sun 26 Jun 2016

    Alfie makes a heart-breaking decision, James is up to his old tricks, and a distraught Peri sees red. Reenie returns to Hollyoaks village, and Cleo is asked to go to the police station.

  • First shown: Sun 19 Jun 2016

    Diane is speechless by what she sees at Marnie's flat, Nancy and Darren play Cupid, and Trevor's funeral descends into chaos. Freddie makes a huge mistake - but will he be caught out?

  • First shown: Sun 12 Jun 2016

    Ste makes a discovery about Harry and James, Louis's suspicions about Lisa spiral, and Tegan offers Freddie a shoulder to cry on. Mercedes and Joe are faced with a life-changing decision.

  • First shown: Sun 5 Jun 2016

    It's sentencing day for Cleo and she is nervous as to what the future holds for her. Will Nathan get justice for Rachel? Cindy goes to great lengths to get Dirk back.

  • First shown: Sun 29 May 2016

    Sienna makes a life-changing decision. Scott confesses a secret that has heartbreaking results. It's the wedding of the year, but will the groom make it in time?

  • First shown: Sun 22 May 2016

    Mercedes meets her match when she conjures up another get-rich-quick scheme and Pete's ultimatum leaves Cleo conflicted, while Silas and Lindsey's wicked plot is in danger of being foiled

  • First shown: Sun 15 May 2016

    It's Sienna and Ben's wedding, but is she marrying the wrong man? Tony tries to save The Hutch. Scott is heartbroken when he realises that John Paul is ashamed of him.

  • First shown: Sat 7 May 2016

    Sparks fly when the real Lisa Loveday comes face to face with identity-stealing Sonia. Lisa is refusing to let go of her life with Margaret, and Lindsey goes to desperate measures.

  • First shown: Sun 1 May 2016

    Scott is devastated after overhearing a private conversation and Marnie convinces him to take desperate measures to help Tony, while Ste's temper gets the better of him

  • First shown: Sun 24 Apr 2016

    Things turn sinister when the Osbornes receive another blackmail note, and Nathan is overwhelmed with emotion on the day of Rachel's funeral

  • First shown: Sun 17 Apr 2016

    Sienna worries that Nico is on to her, and Sienna and Trevor's illicit love affair hots up. Ste and Harry contemplate a night sleeping rough, and Joanne meets up with Margaret.

  • First shown: Sun 10 Apr 2016

    Darren finds himself spinning a web of lies when he's caught out, and Kim realises she's been betrayed. Lindsey threatens to kill again, and Cindy attempts to play Cupid.

  • First shown: Sun 3 Apr 2016

    It's a race against time for Holly as she puts her life in danger to follow her heart. There's terror as a car explodes after a high speed chase - but who's trapped inside?

  • First shown: Sun 27 Mar 2016

    Louis's suspicions about Joanne grow more shocking, guilty Lisa tries to come clean about her true identity, and the day Alfie's been dreading finally arrives

  • First shown: Sun 20 Mar 2016

    John Paul is on edge about his admirer. Cameron catches Tegan in a tricky situation, while Darren is anxious that Tony's new business venture threatens to expose secrets.

  • First shown: Sun 13 Mar 2016

    Cameron's jealousy spirals out of control, Trevor makes a shocking discovery, and Darren offers desperate Tony a lifeline after hearing of his financial troubles.

  • First shown: Sun 6 Mar 2016

    Jade makes a terrible discovery at the cancer support day, and Alfie finds himself in the firing line. Things get steamy between Zack and Lisa, and Nico puts a murderous plan into action.

  • First shown: Sun 28 Feb 2016

    It's Holly and Jason's wedding and Holly is forced to decide between the two brothers. Alfie is determined to resurrect the laptop, and a memory is triggered for Freddie.

  • First shown: Sun 21 Feb 2016

    Grace will stop at nothing until she gets revenge, while Simone's lies are blown wide open. Theresa is mortified when she finds Zack in bed with an unlikely villager.

  • First shown: Sun 14 Feb 2016

    Jason causes chaos when he thinks he's caught Holly cheating on him. Tegan is spooked by a visitor at the hospital, while Lindsey gets a call from beyond the grave.

  • First shown: Sun 7 Feb 2016

    Simone gives Louis the silent treatment after recent accusations, while Jade's bravado crumbles behind closed doors. Mac can't believe that Cindy has teamed up with his arch-rivals.

  • First shown: Sun 31 Jan 2016

    Will Grace find Trevor in time or will it be too late? Jade's 16th birthday party promises to go off with a bang, but first she awaits some potentially life-changing news with the Osbornes.

  • First shown: Sun 24 Jan 2016

    A desperate Lindsey sets about a new scheme to sabotage Mercedes and Joe's relationship. When Peri has words with Mrs St Claire, her revenge plan takes a wicked turn.

  • First shown: Sun 17 Jan 2016

    Darren is at breaking point when Ben becomes suspicious of his story. Troubled Cleo discovers the past is not going to be easy to overcome. A new face promises a lifeline to Cindy.

  • First shown: Sun 10 Jan 2016

    Darren attempts to sweep a lucky lady off her feet. On the day of Maxine and Patrick's ceremony, will Maxine be able to keep her promise? Sienna rushes to save Nico - is the game up?

  • First shown: Mon 4 Jan 2016

    Peri fears that she's being lied to again, and Lisa and Zack are forced together. Esther is desperate to admit her feelings, and Ellie celebrates the New Year with a brooding stranger

  • First shown: Sun 28 Dec 2014

    Sienna's lies fail to allay Theresa's suspicions about Dodger's whereabouts. Tony hosts Christmas lunch for his nearest and dearest, but will it be ruined by Sinead's explosive secret?

  • First shown: Sun 21 Dec 2014

    Sienna kidnaps Minnie, Nico decides her family would be better off without her, and Dodger becomes trapped in a Christmas nightmare

  • First shown: Sun 14 Dec 2014

    Ste returns to the village and is immediately suspicious of Lockie and John Paul, while Joe panics when he's embroiled in the murder investigation, and Rose is rushed to hospital

  • First shown: Sun 7 Dec 2014

    Rick forces Jason to fight with his injured hand, and Patrick enjoys revealing a heart-breaking truth to Maxine. Porsche makes Theresa re-think her decision to help Nico.

  • First shown: Sat 29 Nov 2014

    Lindsey receives her paternity test results and Lockie's good deed for his brother could turn out to have serious consequences. What could possibly go wrong on Diane and Tony's wedding day?

  • First shown: Sun 23 Nov 2014

    Sienna takes her hostage to an abandoned building, Trevor hunts for his lost stash, Freddie and Lindsey are caught in a compromising position, and Blessing comes up with a plan

  • First shown: Sun 16 Nov 2014

    Porsche is delighted when her missing bridesmaid arrives, Maxine goes into labour, and Esther discovers the truth about why her relationship with Kim was over before it began

  • First shown: Sun 9 Nov 2014

    Holly's life is in serious danger, Ste lashes out at his family when he doesn't get the help he needs, and Porsche's unexpected arrival is the first of many surprises for the McQueens.

  • First shown: Sun 2 Nov 2014

    Carmel is cast out by the McQueens when Theresa finds proof that her cousin is causing all her problems. The McQueen women enjoy a luxury spa, unaware that Nana's life is in danger.

  • First shown: Sun 26 Oct 2014

    Peri's plotting puts her in serious danger, Diane gets her hands on some incriminating evidence, while Frankie and Jack make a shocking discovery.

  • First shown: Sat 18 Oct 2014

    Maxine's plans to propose to Dodger are thwarted by Sienna. Phoebe proves herself a true McQueen when she sets out to seduce Robbie, while Carmel gets the evidence she needs to free Theresa.

  • First shown: Sun 12 Oct 2014

    Tegan meddles in Leela's relationship. The hospital is in lock-down as a crisis develops into a life-or-death battle for one hostage. Phoebe makes Robbie an offer he can't refuse.

  • First shown: Sun 5 Oct 2014

    The McQueens and Ste unite in support of John Paul as Finn's trial begins. The Osborne family is in meltdown after the first day. Meanwhile Sinead shares one too many secrets with Ste.

  • First shown: Sun 28 Sep 2014

    Is Nico about to rumble Patrick's big secret? Dodger takes matters into his own hands, Patrick turns to Maxine for help, and a discovery by Kathleen-Angel rings alarm bells.

  • First shown: Sun 14 Sep 2014

    Freddie demands Lindsey takes a paternity test, Kathleen discovers a secret about Sonny that could help bring him down, and the return of a familiar face comes just in the nick of time.

  • First shown: Mon 8 Sep 2014

    A shock takes its toll on fragile Nana McQueen. Trevor and Grace are hounded by Big Bob, Maxine fears for her safety, and Holly takes control in a bid to save Jason.

  • First shown: Sun 31 Aug 2014

    Finn is shocked when a familiar face returns to the village - what are their intentions? Nico is outraged by her mother's lie, and the day of Nancy and Darren's wedding dawns.

  • First shown: Sun 24 Aug 2014

    Blessing is left heartbroken, Sienna's desperate to keep Dodger to herself, and there's heartbreak at the Roscoes' place. Will Jason hurt his loved ones to save his own skin?

  • First shown: Sun 26 Aug 2012

    Mercedes is surprised to learn that the secrets she has confided to Dr Browning have only served to bring them closer together. And Maddie manages to alienate Esther from the group.

  • First shown: Sat 14 Apr 2012

    Friction arises between Mitzeee and Riley over a superfan, Joel sets out to prove himself, Barney meets Scott in London, Maddie and Callum sleep together and Tilly's art event is a success.