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Unsuspecting tourists are taken from their luxury resorts to experience the realities of life behind the glossy travel brochure

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Unsuspecting tourists are taken from their luxury resorts to experience the realities of life behind the glossy travel brochure

Series 1 Summary

Holiday Hijack takes all-inclusive resort-loving British holidaymakers on a once in a lifetime trip they¿ll really never forget. Each show a group of unsuspecting tourists, who think they¿re in for some five-star luxuries, are hijacked from their package holiday by members of the local community, who reveal the realities of life behind the glossy travel brochure images.

The tourists get to witness first-hand the hard work needed to maintain their coveted paradise getaways and the environmental impact of their tropical escape. Can they tough it out in the native surroundings of destinations like The Gambia, Maldives and Caribbean?

  • Episode 1

    Episode 1

    In the first show of the series the luxury tourists include PR events manager Louise and her best friend Natalie - both of whom love to splash their cash at five-star resorts.

    Two fellow big spenders are their friends 20-year-old graduate Dan and 23-year-old actress Alex.

    The group are hijacked by Bella and Omar, who want to show them the real Gambia. The group spends the next week living in basic accommodation and are put to work in the local tourism industry.

    After much screaming and crying over spiders, dead fish and their modest living conditions, they realise what they have been missing by never leaving their luxury resorts.

    But will it be enough to change their holiday habits for good? Or will the lure of luxury prove too much to resist?

  • Holiday Hijack - The Maldives

    Episode 2

    Two quality-seeking couples discover the dark side to The Maldives, one of the world's most popular romantic destinations.

    Twenty-eight-year-old Ali from Oxfordshire, her father Graham, and their fiancées Stuart and Sally love nothing more than the exclusivity of a super-swanky resort. While both couples have travelled the world in style, they admit to having seen very little of it, choosing instead to spend their time exhausting the facilities available at their all-inclusive resorts.

    Nestled deep in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is made up of 1200 tiny islands. Tourism is the country's biggest industry, with 97 resorts welcoming over 600,000 holidaymakers a year. With one hotel per island, tourists flock to the Maldives for its picture-perfect private beaches and tranquil luxury. However, this separation between the locals and the resorts often means that the true Maldivian way of life goes unseen.

    For one night only Ali, Graham, Stuart and Sally are booked into the Water Villas at the Reethi Beach Resort and Spa, before the tranquility of paradise is shattered as they're hijacked by local couple Zuba and Nazu, who take them to live and work on one of the many service islands that cater for the five-star resorts.

    The four of them get a humbling glimpse into the work done by the locals who keep the tourist industry going - from rubbish collecting, to fishing - and gutting the fish - and beach sweeping, and when visiting an island literally made of rubbish where all the tourist waste is dumped.

    Armed with the knowledge that the very industry the Maldives relies on to survive is slowly destroying it, will the Brits make the decision to change their holiday habits for good? Or will the lure of the luxury resort prove too much to resist?

  • Holiday Hijack

    Episode 3

    Jenny and her 16-year-old son Dior have been holidaying with Martine and her 15-year-old son Connor for over a decade. But this time their holiday experience will be very different.

    These best friends from Camberley in Surrey take up to four all-inclusive trips per year. They may be jet-setting globetrotters, but they're happiest when they never leave the resort.

    The group is whisked off to what they believe will be an all-inclusive trip to Mexico's tourist capital, Cancun, at the five-star Gran Caribe Bay hotel. But their holiday is hijacked by Irving, who takes the Brits to live with him and his family in downtown Cancun, where he puts them to work in menial tourism work.

    Irving's livelihood as a fisherman is being threatened by the all-inclusive resorts. He takes the Brits on his boat where the gang gets a glimpse into his grueling day job.

    Then Dior and Connor are sent to clear through the hotel rubbish, while Jenny and Martine work in an industrial launderette.

    Later a job shelling prawns in a local fish factory almost proves too much for the pampered Brits and threatens to derail all of Irving's efforts.

    Will the Brits ever realise the consequences of their love of the all-inclusive holiday, or will the lure of the five-star resort be too strong to resist?

  • Holiday Hijack: Kenya

    Episode 4

    Jewellery shop owner 49-year-old Tracy from Essex and her three children, 25-year-old Morgan, 22-year-old Joe and 17-year-old Ollie, love to holiday in five-star luxury.

    The family has travelled to exotic locations around the world but when they're on foreign soil they hardly ever venture further than their hotel pool.

    When they have their Kenyan holiday hijacked by the Maasai Mara tribespeople they are very upset to leave their luxury lodge for a hut made of cow dung and infested with cockroaches.

    But after a week experiencing life with this unique tribe and their culture, their own lives are changed for ever.

  • Holiday Hijack

    Episode 5

    Pub managers Amanda and Paul are off to Jamaica with friends Catherine, a council housing adviser, and her husband Carl, who is a thatcher.

    For these five-star fanatics, everything on a holiday has to be perfect.

    However, when their luxury holiday is hijacked by the Jamaican Green family they get to experience the real country and are shocked by how the local people actually live.

    After a week of working in the tourist industry and learning the disturbing truth about Jamaica's beaches, their emotional journey ends with tearful goodbyes and changed lives.

  • London

    Episode 6

    The Green family from Jamaica are coming to the UK - for their first ever holiday.

    It's four months since British holidaymakers Amanda, Paul, Carl and Catherine met the Greens while on holiday in Jamaica. The Greens were their host family on the island. Now Nick and Sophie and their two children are about to spend a night in sheer luxury at the world famous Savoy Hotel in London.

    After braving freezing cold beaches, ice skating and open-top buses, the tourists discover how Amanda's trip to Jamaica changed her life, her career and her relationship with her son for ever.

Holiday Hijack synopsis

Unsuspecting tourists are taken from their luxury resorts to experience the realities of life behind the glossy travel brochure

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