Holiday Hijack

  • Episode 1

    Big spenders Louise, Natalie, Dan and Alex have their holiday hijacked by Bella and Omar, who want to show them the real Gambia

  • Episode 2

    Two quality-seeking couples are 'hijacked' from their luxury picture-perfect holiday in the Maldives to discover the reality behind one of the world's most popular romantic destinations.

  • Episode 3

    Jenny and her son Dior, and Martine and her son Connor work behind the scenes of a luxury resort in Cancun, Mexico, clearing through hotel rubbish and shelling prawns in a fish factory

  • Episode 4

    A jewellery shop owner from Essex and her three children leave their luxury holiday lodge in Kenya to spend a week with the Maasai Mara tribes people and experience their culture

  • Episode 5

    Five-star fanatics Amanda and Paul have their luxury Jamaican holiday hijacked by the Green family, spend a week working in the tourist industry and learn the truth about the local beaches

  • Episode 6

    Four months after they first met, Brits Amanda, Paul, Carl and Catherine are to be reunited with their Jamaican host family, who are about to arrive in the UK for their first ever holiday.