Series 1 Episode 6
First Broadcast: 10.30PM Tue 24 April 2012

In the final UK destination, Jack rocks up in Essex where he is joined by local boys Joe Thomas and Olly Murs, who also performs at the end of the show.

Jack shares his experience of Essex by staying with a local family, visiting some of TOWIE hotspots and having the obligatory Essex vajazzle (or, rather, penazzle) along the way.

He also goes undercover as guru Kiki to see how much the people of Essex want fame.

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    1. S1-Ep1: The Ball of Truth This video is a clip S1-Ep1: The Ball of Truth Video duration: 0:53 minutes

      Only a rotter would lie when grasping The Ball...
    2. S1-Ep1: The Beast Within This video is a clip S1-Ep1: The Beast Within Video duration: 1:11 minutes

      Jack goes undercover as a rugby guru to help inspire a local team
    3. S1-Ep2: Geordie Auditon This video is a clip S1-Ep2: Geordie Auditon Video duration: 2:03 minutes

      Jack poses as as a American network excutive to fool the Geordie Shore cast into believing they've got a shot at Hollywood
      • WARNING This clip features scenes of a sexual nature and adult humour
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    4. S1-Ep3: Matty Myers Meets This video is a clip S1-Ep3: Matty Myers Meets Video duration: 0:33 minutes

      Glasgow's hardest doormen
      • WARNING Strong Language Adult Humour
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