Hidden Talent

  • Episode 1

    The first episode sets out to find people with hidden talents for rock climbing and lie detection, and develop the natural abilities they never knew they had

  • Episode 2

    This episode looks for someone with the physical and mental capacity to succeed in free-diving, and someone who, with no previous artistic training, can spot a masterpiece in a room of fakes

  • Episode 3

    This episode searches for a naturally extraordinarily talented linguist and gives a talented A-Level drop-out a unique opportunity to prove his potential to himself and to his family

  • Episode 4

    The experts look for people with two very different abilities: the natural aptitude to become an opera singer and the instinct to navigate through the wilderness without a map or a compass.

  • Episode 5

    Hidden Talent sets out to find a super-tasker who can perform two or more demanding tasks simultaneously, and a super-recogniser who never forgets a face

  • Episode 6

    The series finale catches up with some of the amazing individuals who found their hidden talents to discover how the experience has changed their lives.