Series 1 Episode 6
First Broadcast: 10PM Tue 29 May 2012

The series finale catches up with some of the amazing individuals who found their hidden talents to discover how the experience has changed their lives, and includes unseen footage of their extraordinary journeys.

Nineteen-year-old James Whinnery showed he had a remarkable hidden talent for learning languages - a surprise for James, who didn't have a GCSE in French, had dropped out of his A-levels and was living in a homeless hostel after falling out with his mother.

James's challenge was to learn Arabic in just 19 weeks. James flourished at his final challenge and was interviewed live on Jordanian television for 20 minutes, speaking fluent Arabic.

Six months later Hidden Talent visits James in Birmingham to find out how his linguistic ability 'saved his life' and learn about his new language studies. James's mother also gives a moving interview about how her son has changed.

Roxanne Messenger discovered she had the biological make-up to become a competition-level free-diver, despite having recently weighed 17 stone and having never considered herself sporty.

The 28-year-old's final challenge was to compete in an international free-diving competition in Egypt after just four months' training. In just a few weeks, Roxanne could hold her breath for over four minutes and dive to 30 metres. But as the competition grew nearer, the pressure became too great.

Six months on, the team meet up with her as she attempts to dive for the first time since her ill-fated trip to Egypt. Will she re-discover the joy of free-diving? She also speaks about her new career change and how her hidden talent has changed her physically and mentally.

Forty-five-year-old nurse Maggie Reenan proved she had the natural ability to be a climber. Her final challenge was to scale perilous 60-metre sea-stack The Old Man of Stoer after only 18 days' training.

This is an opportunity to see what Maggie's been doing since and follow her as she takes her children rock climbing to see if her natural talent runs in the family. Maggie's new-found passion has had such an impact on her that she plans to move to the country to pursue climbing further.

The film also reveals how being a 'human sat-nav' has inspired science teacher Adele Reah to teach her pupils to ditch the sat nav and use their brains instead.

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