Heston's Feasts

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      Episode 1 - Heston's Chocolate Factory Feast

      Heston explores the 1960s, an amazing age of food experimentation, with a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory feast of lickable wallpaper, psychedelic duck a l'orange and a magic mushroom woodland dish

      Some strong language48 mins
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      Episode 2 - Heston's Fairytale Feast

      Heston Blumenthal conjures up a fairytale feast including a Cinderella pumpkin, a stuffed boar's head inspired by Snow White, and an edible Hansel and Gretel house for dessert.

      Scenes of animal butchery and some strong languageThis episode is subtitled49 mins
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      Episode 3 - Heston's Titanic Feast

      Heston creates an adventurous Edwardian feast worthy of being served on the mighty Titanic for guests including Edwina Currie, Michael Buerk, and the comedienne Olivia Lee.

      Some strong languageThis episode is subtitled48 mins
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      Episode 4 - Heston's Gothic Horror Feast

      Heston plays the mad scientist and creates an outlandish banquet based on all his favourite 19th-century horror novels, including Dracula and Frankenstein. Some scenes of animal butchery.

      Some scenes of animal butcheryThis episode is subtitled48 mins
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      Episode 5 - Heston's 70s Feast

      Heston goes 70s retro, serving savoury ice lollies, a luxury school dinner of spam fritters, lumpy mash and cabbage, and a flying dessert.

      This episode is subtitled48 mins
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      Episode 6 - Heston's 80s Feast

      Heston revisits the 1980s, cooking up sake champagne with edible sushi money, the ultimate toasted sandwich, and a pudding combining Vienetta and tiramisu.

      This episode is subtitled48 mins
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      Episode 7 - Heston's Ultimate Feast

      Heston picks his favourite dishes from his first series of feasts, including meat fruit, a mesmerising mock turtle soup, an ejaculating cake, and an edible monster known as a cockentrice.

      Scenes of animal butcheryThis episode is subtitled48 mins