Heston's Fantastical Food

  • Episode 1 - Heston's Big Breakfast

    Heston tackles breakfast, creating the world's largest boiled egg and cereal on an epic scale

  • Episode 2 - The Sky High '99

    Heston focuses on the ice cream van, a great British tradition that provided the soundtrack to so many childhoods, and the frozen treats every kid dreams of

  • Episode 3 - Blumenthal's Big Brew

    Heston celebrates the tea break by making the world's biggest packet of biscuits, the largest pyramid tea bag and a drink containing the flavours of cucumber sandwiches and Victoria sponge

  • Episode 4 - Heston and the Giant Sweet Factory

    Heston celebrates sweets, the greatest pleasure of childhood, by making his own Willy Wonka-inspired giant sweet shop

  • Episode 5 - The Pub in a Pie

    Heston builds a giant edible pie and turns it into a fully functioning pub. He also makes a billiard table from cod, tartare sauce and pea mousse, with pickled egg billiard balls.

  • Episode 6 - The Massive Lunch Box

    Heston celebrates the packed lunch by building a super-sized sandwich with unexpected 'rogue' fillings. There's also the world's biggest crisps and the world's biggest KitKat.

  • Episode 7 - Heston's Fantastical Christmas

    In this final episode of the series Heston makes the ultimate Christmas dinner, with pig's head, edible Christmas decorations and the biggest pudding ever