Help! My House Is Falling Down

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Sarah Beeny rescues families who have serious problems with their properties

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Sarah Beeny rescues families who have serious problems with their properties

Series 1 Summary

In this brand new series property guru Sarah Beeny comes to the rescue of homeowners who encounter big problems with their properties.

  • Paul and Clare, Essex

    Episode 1

    Sarah meets Paul and Clare, whose Essex home is sitting on six metres of sludge and is infested with rats.

    Paul and Clare bought their house in Essex as the perfect home for their four children, but when they peeled back the wallpaper a terrifying crack along the back of the property was revealed. It turns out their dream home is sitting on six metres of sludge and is tearing apart.

    If that's not enough, there's a rat infestation in the property. Sewage seeps into the ground floor. And there is a black mould that is making the children ill.

    Can Sarah turn this disaster around and help the family get a safe and beautiful home at last?

  • Nick and Becky, Northampton

    Episode 2

    Nick and Becky bought their 250-year-old cottage in the picturesque Northampton village of Earl's Barton three years ago.

    Their new home was all that they'd ever wanted for themselves and their three children. But since moving in the dream has turned into a total nightmare. The discovery of woodworm in the rafters means they are too scared to use the top floor, and there are fears it may have spread to the rest of the house.

    Their stone walls are being eroded by the weather, and destroyed by a swarm of brick-eating bees. And to cap it all, the house is also under threat from below, where an indoor well regularly floods the cellar.

    The family and the house are on the edge. Can Sarah save the day? Can this charming period cottage also become the dream home they were hoping for?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 3

    Sarah Beeny heads for Hull, where Dave and Sharon's house is badly cracked. Sarah thinks it's down to tree roots, but the local council doesn't want the trees to be cut down.

    Dave and Sharon thought they were stepping up in the world when they bought their handsome five bedroom Victorian property in Hull's Garden Village. They spent six months decorating it to the highest standard, but no sooner was the job done than massive cracks started ripping through their lovely new walls, and their windows started popping out.

    The family have been forced to move out in fear of the house collapsing on top of them. Sarah is convinced trees are the problem, but the local council doesn't want the trees to be cut down. Let battle commence.

    Can Sarah help Dave and Sharon to halt the destruction and get their dream of a family home back on track?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 4

    After two years together, trendy Brighton couple Tony and Kerensa decided to buy a two bedroom period property that was meant to be a perfect love nest and fashionable home. But as soon as they moved in, the house turned bad in a big way.

    Ninety per cent of the walls are made of a material that was popular with Victorian builders in Brighton, but that can disintegrate when it gets wet - and this house gets very wet indeed. Leaks from above, and chronic damp below, mean the whole property could be on the point of collapse.

    This is one couple that desperately need Sarah Beeny's healing hands. Can she help them turn it from a soaking wreck into a stylish contemporary home?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 5

    The bigger the house, the bigger the problems, and in this show Sarah Beeny's dealing with one very big house.

    Terry and Mandy spent years looking for a property spacious enough for their four children, but the 16-room home they bought in Fareham proved to be a catalogue of horrors. A dangerously failing roof, shifting floors, and sewage bubbling up out of drains are the problems they know about.

    What they don't realise is that the whole property is actually sinking into the ground. Sarah has to break this news to them, and point the way to recovery. Can she help them rescue this house and restore it to its full Georgian glory?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 6

    Sarah helps Vicky and James, whose house in Staines is actually bending so badly that no one can work out what's actually holding it up.

    Vicky and James in Staines desperately want kids, but the four bedroom property they've just bought as their family home is such a disaster, it's not fit for children.

    It was bad enough returning from honeymoon to find burst pipes had flooded the interior. Even worse was the discovery that the property is bending, with cracks running through it in just about every direction. In fact, Sarah and her team can't work out what's actually holding the house up at all. It's time for some clever science as Sarah x-rays the property to solve the mystery.

    Resorting to DIY so extreme it will make your eyes water, Sarah once again sees if she can help transform a disaster into a dream home.

Help! My House Is Falling Down synopsis

Sarah Beeny rescues families who have serious problems with their properties

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