Help! My House Is Falling Down

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Sarah Beeny rescues families who have serious problems with their properties

About the Show

Sarah Beeny rescues families who have serious problems with their properties

Series 1 Summary

In this brand new series property guru Sarah Beeny comes to the rescue of homeowners who encounter big problems with their properties.

  • Paul and Clare, Essex

    Episode 1

    Sarah Beeny meets Paul and Clare, whose Essex home, sitting on six metres of sludge, is tearing apart, with sewage seeping into the ground floor, and an infestation of rats

  • Nick and Becky, Northampton

    Episode 2

    Sarah helps Nick and Becky, who bought their 250-year-old cottage in picturesque Earl's Barton three years ago. But it is crumbling around their ears. Can Sarah save the day?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 3

    Sarah Beeny heads for Hull, where Dave and Sharon's house is badly cracked. Sarah thinks it's down to tree roots, but the local council doesn't want the trees to be cut down.

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 4

    Brighton couple Tony and Kerensa's two-bedroom period house could be on the point of collapse. Can Sarah Beeny help them turn it from a soaking wreck into a stylish, contemporary home?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 5

    Terry and Mandy spent years looking for a property that's spacious enough for their family. But the 16-room home they bought in Fareham proved to be a catalogue of horrors. Can it be saved?

  • Sarah Beeny

    Episode 6

    Sarah helps Vicky and James, whose property in Staines is actually bending so badly that no one can work out what is actually holding the house up at all