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US comedy. Alex and Dave's wedding was going to be the happiest day of their lives, until Alex left Dave at the altar, throwing their small social circle into panic and confusion...

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US comedy. Alex and Dave's wedding was going to be the happiest day of their lives, until Alex left Dave at the altar, throwing their small social circle into panic and confusion...

Series 3 Summary

As season three of the US comedy begins, Alex and Dave's relationship has taken a new direction, Penny is recovering from a nasty accident, and Brad is keeping a secret from Jane.

  • Happy Endings: Jane and Brad

    Episode 1 - Cazsh Dummy Spillionaires

    Dave and Alex start seeing each other again but are determined to keep things casual and date other people.

    Max nurses Penny after she falls down the stairs and is put in a body cast, but he tries to extend her recovery period so that he can keep seeing her attractive physical therapist.

    When Brad gets a new job after being out of work for a while, he feels compelled to keep it secret from Jane because she loves having a house husband at home.

  • Happy Endings: Jane and Brad

    Episode 2 - Sabado Free-Gante

    Dave and Alex go flat hunting together, but put their estate agent to the test with their inability to commit to any of the homes she shows them.

    Jane uses her sharp eye for a bargain and tough negotiating skills when she helps Penny to buy a new car.

    Finding himself short of money, Brad takes lessons in picking up free goods and services from skilled scrounger Max.

  • Happy Endings: Brad and Jane

    Episode 3 - Boys II Menorah

    Max has been working the Bar Mitzvah circuit as the professional 'warm up guy'. Penny convinces Brad to give it a try and partner up with Max, but when Brad turns out to be good at the job, jealousy rears its ugly head.

    Meanwhile, Jane encourages Dave and Alex to make a concerted effort not to take their relationship for granted this time around.

  • Happy Endings: Alex

    Episode 4 - More Like Stanksgiving

    When Alex and Dave host a Thanksgiving dinner at their new home, Dave tries to honour his Native American heritage by creating an authentic Navajo celebration, but his plans go badly awry.

    Max finds a copy of an unscreened season of The Real World, a reality TV show in which he and Brad both appeared.

    As the gang sit down to watch it and wallow in memories of how they all met, they gain fresh insight into their relationships.

  • Happy Endings: Jane and Brad

    Episode 5 - P&P Romance Factory

    Still suffering from mild concussion after her fall down the stairs, Penny is given a prescription helmet to wear by her doctor.

    When she starts dating new love interest Pete, she attempts to hide her condition by arranging a series of dates that all require head protection.

    Meanwhile, Jane enlists Brad's help when she needs to ingratiate herself at the car dealership, and a humiliating fist bump in a bar brings back painful childhood memories for Max and Dave.

  • Happy Endings: Brad and Mr Kerkovich

    Episode 6 - To Serb with Love

    Jane and Alex's parents plan a big party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of their mattress shop.

    Jane struggles to write an amusing speech to please her humourless father, and Alex is forced to confess to Dave that she hasn't told her parents about their recent reunion.

    Penny's devotion to her new boyfriend, Pete, leaves Max feeling neglected, so he looks for a replacement best friend.

  • Happy Endings: Jane

    Episode 7 - No-Ho-Ho

    As Christmas approaches, Jane reveals that her birthday isn't on 16 July, as she has always claimed.

    Jane is a Christmas baby but lied about her birth date for years as she hates her special day being overshadowed by yuletide celebrations.

    The gang decide to forgo all seasonal enjoyments and throw Jane a Christmas-free birthday party.

    As Max struggles to give up his favourite Christmas eggnog drinks, Dave tries to help Penny find the perfect gift for her new boyfriend.

  • Happy Endings: Alex

    Episode 8 - Fowl Play/Date

    Alex goes away for the weekend, leaving her beloved pet parrot Tyler in the care of her friends.

    But when Brad and Penny break a memento from Alex's childhood, fumes from the glue they use to stick it back together kill Tyler stone dead.

    Realising that Max is feeling lonely, Jane and Dave compete to find the perfect match for him, but their choice of dates seems strangely familiar.

  • Happy Endings: Alex and Penny

    Episode 9 - Ordinary Extraordinary Love

    Penny is thrilled when pop star Winnie McCray buys a dress from Alex's shop to wear on a date.

    She tips off the paparazzi about Winnie's whereabouts to get attention for Alex's business, but the plan backfires and the girls discover that not all publicity is good publicity.

    Jane and Derrick take Max on a tour of Chicago's gay bars to help him deal with an identity crisis, while Brad and Dave try to prove their masculinity by carrying out household repairs.

  • Happy Endings: Brad

    Episode 10 - The Ex Factor

    Brad gets jealous when he finds out that Jane's ex, Ryan, is coming to town for a visit. However, he soon changes his attitude when he finds out that Ryan is a woman.

    Meanwhile, Max gets an exciting new roommate, Chase, who immediately fills the apartment with cool furniture and gadgets. But when Chase suddenly goes missing, the gang starts to get suspicious...

  • Happy Endings: Brad and Jane

    Episode 11 - The Marry Prankster

    Max's friends trick him into thinking that he's won a lottery jackpot, but when he finds out about the prank, he vows to get his own back, leaving the gang paranoid about his revenge plot.

    Jane is not amused when she discovers that Brad's new job as a CFO is really a post working as the 'Chief Fun Officer' at a local children's gymnasium. Meanwhile, will Pete propose to Penny?

  • Happy Endings: Penny, Pete and Jane

    Episode 12 - Our Best Friend's Wedding

    Penny's new fiancé Pete reveals that he would rather elope and get married on a beach than have a big celebration.

    Self-appointed wedding planner Jane takes everybody to a wedding trade fair in an effort to change Pete's mind.

    Dave admits he was an obsessive 'Bridezilla' while organising his wedding to Alex, while Max and Brad pretend to be a couple to get free gifts from vendors at the fair.

  • Happy Endings: Max and Penny

    Episode 13 - In the Heat of the Noche

    Brad pulls out all the stops to save the Chuckles & Huggs children's gymnasium when its owner tells him that the business is in jeopardy.

    Penny and Max have both fallen into the bad habit of constantly texting the men in their lives.

    They decide to cure themselves by taking a black market cough medicine that sends them to sleep for hours and thus stops them from texting.

  • Happy Endings: Alex

    Episode 14 - The Straight Dope

    Sports fan Max starts spending time with Katie, an attractive woman who can get tickets to the best basketball games through her job.

    However, as their 'dates' become more regular, his friends tell him that he should be more honest with her about his sexual orientation.

    Alex is annoyed that the gang regard her as an intellectual lightweight, so she embarks on a programme of study, but the new well-educated Alex soon intimidates the group.

  • Happy Endings: Jane and Alex

    Episode 15 - The Incident

    When Max's barber dies, he ends up paying a visit to hairdresser KrisJahn (guest star RuPaul), who has cut Jane and Alex's hair for many years.

    He hears some amazing gossip about the girls at the salon, but war breaks out between the sisters when he is indiscreet with the information.

    Dave lends Penny his food truck so she can move a piece of furniture, but when the vehicle is stolen the two of them try to track down the thief.

  • Happy Endings: Penny

    Episode 16 - Bros Before Bros

    With her wedding around the corner, Penny decides to reach out to her estranged dad Roy and try to involve him in her special day. The reunion seems successful at first but then Penny questions what she really wants from her father.

    Dave enlists Brad and Max's help in sabotaging 'The Brazilian' food truck, AKA Dave's nemesis, but Max creates a conflict of interests by hooking up with the Brazilian's son.

  • Happy Endings: Dave

    Episode 17 - She Got Game Night

    When Brad and Jane host a couples' game night, Max turns up with his friend Scotty and Penny brings Pete along.

    As the competitiveness between the pairs gets out of hand, Penny comes to an unexpected conclusion about her relationship.

    Dave is given a great career opportunity but struggles to make a decision about it. Alex is on hand to offer him sound advice, but he seeks enlightenment from another source.

  • Happy Endings: Alex

    Episode 18 - The Storm Before the Calm

    The friends worry that Penny is heartbroken after her break-up with Pete, but she insists she's feeling fine.

    But they're not convinced by her cheerful mood when she writes a play with the title 'Black Plague: A Love Story' and asks Derrick and his theatre group to stage it.

    A marketing firm asks Max and Alex to promote their products to other consumers, but Jane wants to get in on the act.

  • Happy Endings: Max

    Episode 19 - The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky

    The gang encourage Penny to get over her break-up with Pete by having a light-hearted fling, but they are shocked when she begins a torrid affair with Jane's chauvinist boss Lon Sarofsky, the 'Car Czar'.

    The friends lean on Max to get a job so that he'll stop borrowing money from them, so he decides to enter a pageant with a big cash prize, with a little help from Alex and Dave.

  • Happy Endings: Penny and Brad

    Episode 20 - Un-sabotagable

    Chase, the ex-roommate whose life Max ruined, wants to take revenge on him but says Max's life is so pathetic it's 'un-sabotagable'.

    An infuriated Max vows to prove Chase wrong and asks Jane to help him get his act together.

    Meanwhile, Alex asks the rest of the gang for help when Dave challenges her to finally use her stockpile of Groupon discount vouchers.

  • Happy Endings: Jane

    Episode 21 - Deuce Babylove 2: Electric Babydeuce

    Penny's mum and Dave's dad pay a visit and reveal that they are planning to adopt a baby together, leaving Penny and Dave in shock.

    Brad and Jane try to get some time to themselves by joining an exclusive tennis club, but they can't shake off Max and Alex. Megan Mullally guests.

  • Happy Endings: Max, Jane, Alex, Brad, Penny and Dave

    Episode 22 - Brothas & Sisters

    Jane is given the daunting task of planning a wedding for Brooke, her perfect older sister, whose impossibly high standards always make her feel inadequate.

    Brad has a tough time living up to Brooke's equally perfect fiancé, Elliot, while Alex and Dave are hiding a big secret about their relationship.

Happy Endings synopsis

US comedy. Alex and Dave's wedding was going to be the happiest day of their lives, until Alex left Dave at the altar, throwing their small social circle into panic and confusion...

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