Happy Endings

    • Episode 1 - Pilot

      Alex struggles to keep her group of friends together after she jilts Dave at the altar. When the gang rally around Dave, she finds keeping the peace much harder than she anticipated.

    • Episode 2 - The Quicksand Girlfriend

      Dave has a one-night stand with Andrea but misunderstandings arise when she wants more from their liaison than he anticipates.

    • Episode 3 - Your Couples Friends & Neighbor

      Jane insists that she and Brad befriend a sophisticated couple, Dianne and Carl, but Brad isn't so keen on the idea. Alex starts dating a cute artist.

    • Episode 4 - Mein Coming Out

      The gang encourages Max to come out to his parents, but he instead asks one of the ladies to pose as his girlfriend.

    • Episode 5 - Like Father, Like Gun

      Brad's uptight dad is in town for some health check-ups. When he gets an all-clear, he loosens up and has fun - something which unnerves Brad.

    • Episode 6 - Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do

      Of Mice and Jazz-Kwon-Do: Penny regrets inviting super-competitive Jane along to her martial arts class. Dave's friends think he's pining after Alex when he helps her out with a few chores.

    • Episode 7 - Dave of the Dead

      Dave toys with the idea of quitting his office job and starting his own restaurant.

    • Episode 8 - The Girl with the David Tattoo

      Alex and Dave's his-and-hers tattoos come back to haunt them now that they're no longer a couple.

    • Episode 9 - You've Got Male

      Dave is thrilled when the gang's old teacher Alan turns up. But when Penny goes out on a date with Alan, she realises he's not the guy Dave thinks he is.

    • Episode 10 - Bo Fight

      Alex convinces Penny to join her on a string of girls' night outs, including a cooking class with an obnoxious chef.

    • Episode 11 - Barefoot Pedaler

      Determined to show that they can still do things together, Alex and Dave convince the rest of the gang to go to a gig. But things don't go as planned.

    • Episode 12 - The Shershow Redemption

      An invitation to an old friend's wedding brings out mixed feelings and unexpected consequences for the gang. Brad and Jane make a discovery.

    • Episode 13 - Why Can't You Read Me?

      Alex and Jane's sibling rivalry heats up. Penny gets a new assistant at work, and Max and Brad find a new obsession.